Surfer Saved from Death

Tim lived a wild life. While surfing in France on huge waves, he miraculously survived a massive wave that should have killed him. Still he went on living wild. Read how God reached him.

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Seeing the love of Jesus – a Near Death Experience

It was a Wednesday night August 2005 when I was rushed to emergency due to chronic abdominal pain and vomiting thought to be pancreatitis. My bowel had burst, my lungs collapsed and my kidney’s failed. I was wrapped in ice due to my soaring temperature of 42 degrees Celsius and no blood pressure. My body was pumped full of fluid which caused retention and my weight soared from 65-140kg within one week. It literally ripped me apart. The pain was so excruciating that my body started shutting down. I went blind and could not speak.

The exhaustion I felt was tremendous.

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Michael Fackerell

Personal Testimony of Michael Fackerell

Though very familiar with the Bible and believing myself a Christian, it wasn’t until much later that my life was truly changed by turning to Christ. Includes details of how I was filled with the Holy Spirit for the first time and what a difference that made to me. This is the first part of my story. Living with Jesus Christ means the adventure continues and something new is always happening!

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John Hemans – a rocker gets unchained

My somewhat chequered career as a musician is documented here, in words and photos. The bands I played in had varying degrees of success, and through my career I guess I must have played just about every venue from Sydney to Perth (and all points in between!). There’s a story behind each of these bands, and these days they’re all like bookmarks of my life to me. In my testimony, you’ll see how my life was completely revolutionised by an encounter with God. I hope my story touches you. If you’d like to contact me, drop me a line.

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Where Shall I Hide –

Neavei Isaac, the author, currently resides in Queensland, Australia. He was born and raised in New Zealand

I want to tell you about the single most important event in my life. In doing so I will have to reveal some things of a personal
nature. I guess almost everyone has things in their personal history which they would rather were otherwise. There is no
profit in dwelling on things which have been cast into the sea of forgetfulness; they are recalled here only to provide some
necessary background.

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Craig Power – a born again experience




This is an actual letter written to a close friend of mine (Andy), whom I had worked with for two years in Darwin. I originally wrote this letter to explain the awesome life changing experience that I had. I think that this information is more important than how much money you have in the bank, how successful you are in life or how many friends you have. If I call this person a friend (Andy) and not tell him about this encounter, then I don’t think I can call myself a friend to this friend.

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Freedom from Alcohol, freedom from fear

Freedom From Alcohol. Freedom from Fear.
by Craig Smith
At the age of twenty-three I was riddled with fear and guilt. At that time I was unemployed and a university drop-out. I had no qualifications and no job prospects. I was dependent on alcohol to the extent that I could not function socially without being drunk since I used alcohol to cover up deep feelings of inferiority. Desperate to be accepted due to my poor self-image, I would immediately conform to whatever ideas and behaviour was in vogue amongst my friends.

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Neville Sheen – a life recovered

I was born in a suburb of Sydney, Australia, on March 9, 1951, the youngest
of three children. Mum was a school teacher, dad a welder. Both came from
Christian families.

My great grandfather and grand father on mum’s side of the family, were
both evengelists with the old Methodist church in Australia.Grandfather
used to spend 6 months of the year riding his push bike from his home in
the Gosford area north of Sydney, down into Sydney and back, preaching
in different churches. This was in the days before freeways, highways and
bitumen roads.

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Answered Prayer in my life

by Michael Fackerell. I went for years in the church without experiencing definite answers to prayer that could be termed miracles. But since the time I was filled with the Spirit and truly gave my life to the Lord I’ve had many experiences and answers to prayer which are quite remarkable.

The more I go on as a follower of Jesus, the more I meet people who can

tell me stories of amazing answers to prayer. I am sure that there

are MILLIONS of people who can relate stories along this line.

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