An Australian healing ministry worth checking out

I heard a report from a friend of mine about John Mellor, an Australian evangelist powerfully used today in healing the sick. I think this is the second time I heard of this man in the last week from two different friends of mine, so I went to check out this website about the healing ministry God gave him. Those of you who are Australians know how few evangelists have survived in this country, and how hard it is to find a man of God who really moves in this realm with a pure heart.

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Merrill Wong

What totally blows my mind about God, is the extent of His desire for us. He reaches out to us in our darkest hour and says “trust me”. He knows our joy and pain, our weaknesses and strengths, our every thought. Though we often ignore the signs of His presence, He seeks us out and never lets go of us.

My time of trial came with my third pregnancy. With occasional severe bleeding that was an enigma to my Doctor, I found myself in labour at 28 weeks. Advised that most babies can survive at this stage of gestation, my labour was traumatic to say the least and my baby did not survive.

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Andrew’s Testimony

As a child Andrew was touched by the Lord at a Scripture class, but it was years later that he came to the point of true commitment to the Lord.

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Dianne Armstrong

Born with Spina Bifida and not expected to live more than a few days, Dianne overcame many thing through the power of God in her life. Read her journey here.

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Hardened Agnostic Gets Saved

Ray Armstrong tells how he was hardened and self confident and yet, after 28 years of marriage to his Christian wife, he finally had a powerful encounter with Christ which changed him.

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John Edwards Goes Out

I was driving to work just like any usual day, feeling quite good about my car because I’d just had the motor reconditioned, the air-conditioner restored and a sound system with graphic equalizer installed.

Then unexpectedly God spoke to me, “…give it away…”

I ignored the thought and kept driving. But it came again: “Give it away.”

“Ok Lord – I’ll give it away on the weekend,” I said.

“No – after work today will be fine,” He replied.

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