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Bible teachingBible Teaching – Answers on Important Questions in the Christian Faith

Various articles covering diverse subjects are listing in the categories below. Some are teachings from the Bible and others are articles based on a Christian world view which analyze and critique various opposing philosophies and ways of thinking.

Questions and Issues Relating to the BibleWhat is the Bible?
The Inspiration of the Bible
Has the Bible been changed?
True Christianity and the Authority of the Bible
On Interpreting the Bible
The Nature and Power of the Bible as God’s Word
What the Word of God Can Produce in your Life

The True God – What is He Like?

You should know who you worship
What Creation Reveals of God
What the Bible reveals of God
The Doctrine of the Trinity
Love and the Nature of God
Satan and Evil Spirits contrasted with God
Some False Views of God

God’s Plan and Man’s Rebellion

God’s Plan – A Family of Love
The Father and His Family
Mankind – Created in God’s Image
God Wants to Bless His Family
Why did God make us if He knew it would go wrong?
The Rebellion in the Garden
How did Satan deceive Eve?
Mankind Perverted as Children of Satan
The Nature of Rebellion

The Law of God – its meaning and purpose

What is the Law of God?
The Ten commandments
What do these commands mean for us?
The Law of Love
Why was the law given?
Curses and the Judgments of God on Sin Now
Eternal Judgment of Hell

The Good News of Jesus Christ

Jesus – the Saviour of Mankind
What Jesus did for us at the Cross
The Resurrection
Evidence for the Resurrection
How to Be Born Again
What is included in Full Salvation?

Repentance from Dead Works

What Repentance is not
What Repentance Is
Is Repentance Essential?
What Do We Have to Repent From?
What if We Don’t Know our Sins
The Blessing of Repentance

Faith in God

What faith is not
What faith is
The Necessity of Faith
Benefits of Faith
How to Develop Faith
How Faith Speaks
Acting in Faith
Overcoming Enemies of Faith


Prayer – Intimacy with God

What is Prayer
Why Pray?
How to Begin
Preparing Yourself to Pray
Principles in Prayer
Steps Following Prayer
Types of Prayer
Praying the Word
Dedication to Prayer
Key Bible References on Prayer

Prayers and Confessions Based on God’s Word


Sanctification and Holiness

We are justified in Christ
What is Sanctification?
We Cannot Make it by Self-Effort
Sanctification by the Blood of Jesus
The Importance of a Total Consecration
Dead to Sin, Alive to God
Meditation on the Word
Dependence on the Spirit of God
Faith in Jesus as Sanctifier
Deliverance and Emotional Healing
The Role Of Suffering
The Hope of Maturity and Perfection


The Grace of God

The Problem – our inadequacy to meet the standards
What is Grace? – the free gift of God
What Grace Does – saves, sanctifies, justifies, equips …
Receiving God’s Grace and Using It
The Importance of Grace
Sinning against the Grace of God

Baptism in Water

What is Water Baptism
Who is Water Baptism for?
What Does Water Baptism Mean?
In What Name are we to be Baptised?
False Doctrines about Water Baptism

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit?
The Work of the Holy Spirit
Born of the Spirit, Baptised in the Spirit
Biblical Proof that these are separate works
Purpose of the Baptism in the Spirit
Speaking in Tongues – What, Why, When?
The Promise is for You
How to Receive
Some Common Questions
Be Filled with the Spirit – continually

Christian Fellowship and the Church

What is Fellowship
The Need for Fellowship
Barriers to Committed Fellowship
The Church – What is it?
House Churches
The Assembly
Submission and Church Authority
Who are Church Leadership?
Benefits of Submission, Problems with Rebelling

Our Mission as Christians

Everyone Needs Salvation
Jesus Commands Us to Go in Power
Other Accounts of the Great Commission
How to Get Signs to Follow You
Other Reasons to Preach the Gospel
The Dedication Required by Jesus for this
Making Disciples, Communicating the Gospel
How to Make Disciples
Church Growth

Practical Witnessing


UPDATED and IMPROVED material on revival through spiritual warfare, deliverance from demons.
Includes biblical proof that the majority of Christians have still to get rid of evil spirits out of their lives, practical instructions for deliverance ministry and LOTS MORE.

The Weapons of our Warfare – Reveals the weapons God has given us for defeating Satan and bringing down his interests.

Spiritual Warfare – key to local revival – Examines the big picture of our present situation and how prayer breaks the devil’s influence off people, communities and nations.

Click Here to Find Keys to Deliverance

Money, Prosperity and Handling Resources

A True Christian Has Given Himself and All He has to God
Faithfulness in Money Matters
Providing for One’s Family
Working is Good
Honesty and Accountability
Spending and Investing Wisely
Receiving Prosperity
Faithfulness with Time
Vision and Purpose
Faithfulness with Talents and Calling


New Teaching Manual

by Ps. John Iuliano (M.A. Min)

“An excellent teaching resource!” – Michael Fackerell

Eternal Godhead – discusses the doctrine of God.
The Lord Jesus Christ – central Christian truth about Jesus.
The Holy Spirit – Who He is.
The Holy Scriptures – about the Bible.
The Devil – the facts on your greatest enemy.
The Fall of Man – how men became sinners.
The Atonement – how God provided salvation.
Salvation – how to get it, what it means.
The Church – what it really means.
Baptism in Water – a commandment of Christ
The Lord’s Supper – and its relevance for us.
Sanctification – our part and God’s part.
Baptism in the Holy Spirit – a Biblical perspective.
Gifts of the Holy Spirit – basic but often neglected teaching.
Divine Healing – and reasons to embrace it.
The Second Coming of Christ – what you need to know.
The Millenium – the literal pre-millenial view.
The Punishment of the Wicked – hell is for real.
The New Heaven and the New Earth
Creation – and not evolution.



Miracles Still Happen – Free online book by Marlies Zechner about miraculous works of God through her personal relationship with Him.

Turning Curses to Blessings – by Ps. Carl Fox. This book could really open your eyes to a lot of things that might be going on in your life, and causing you trouble. Here on by permission.

Breaking the Authority of the Bastard Curse: Restoring The Congregation of the Lord – by Carl L. Fox and Paul D. Norcross

Men’s Ministry Manual – online book by Ross Wakeley, who researched methods to reach men for Jesus Christ in Australia. Applicable also to other western nations.


Practical Christian Development & Ministry

Steps in Being a Disciple of Jesus

The Fear of the Lord Bible Studies

The Power of Speaking God’s Word

Pride Vs Humility – Article talks about how God is humble, and how He hates pride.


Overcoming Temptation – NEW! A simple yet profound teaching on how to avoid a lot of difficult temptations, and overcome them. Temptation explained.

– Will there be a Secret Rapture of the Church? – I invite serious discussion on this subject from readers.

Principles to Make your Home Group Grow – five key principles guaranteed to make your home group grow.

The Power in Your Words – what does the Bible say?
Keys to moving in the Supernatural of God – Part I

The Wilderness Experience – every real Christian goes through the wilderness some time. It usually starts early. Don’t waste your life. Find out what is happening and how not to miss the Promised Land.

The Passage the devil wants out of your Bible – I am not a fan of the NU-text. I believe that Mark 16:15-20 is the word of God, and the Lord Jesus wants us all to put it into practise and expect signs and wonders to follow. I have intellectual reasons for my convictions on the matter, but best of all, I found Mark 16:17,18 works! Please read the article.

Spirit, Soul and Body – the tripartite nature of man – reveals what these are and God’s plan for each of them, as well as warning of dangers and abuses.

True and False Apostleship – practical teaching on apostolic ministry.

The Meaning of the Tree of Life
This contains a powerful revelation for our spiritual lives!

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
Examines what this means for us in the information age.

Fasting – Key to God’s Power

The Message of the Kingdom of God

The Principles of Leadership

The Lost Son – God is a good Father – he is waiting for lost sons to come back so He can throw a big party!

Godly prosperity

Roman Catholicism


How Religion often opposes the Spirit of God

Lots of people are getting divinely healed by the direct action of the Holy Spirit. I have many testimonies and God has also used me in this area. Its best if our faith is based on Scripture rather than testimonies, however.

How can you know the will of God in Divine Healing?

Traditional Views and Various Objections against the Doctrine of Divine Healing answered.

Why some fail to receive healing – apart from the traditions of men, about 30 other common reasons why people fail to receive.

Overcoming objections to training believers in the ministry of divine healing.

The Passage the devil wants out of your Bible – I am not a fan of the NU-text. I believe that Mark 16:15-20 is the word of God, and the Lord Jesus wants us all to put it into practise and expect signs and wonders to follow. I have intellectual reasons for my convictions on the matter, but best of all, I found Mark 16:17,18 works! Please read the article.

A Scriptural and Practical Approach to Divine Healing

Effective Healing Ministry In Jesus’ Name

Is it possible to ever lose your salvation in Christ?

What Shall We Make of Matthew 7:21-23?

I am a Christian but I have sinned . I feel guilty. What can I do?

I have a bad relationship with someone. What should I do?

How do you know God is real?

On Speculation about End Time Events

What We Need to Know About Times and Seasons

What About Christian Rock and CCM?

Other Religions

Recommended Links

Seven Tactics of Heresy Hunters – Troy Edwards masterfully exposes some of the tactics used by those who wish to totally discredit Word of Faith and Charismatic teachers.

Categories of Articles and Bible Teaching

Unless otherwise stated, all these Christian teaching messages are Copyright (C) 1996-2005, Michael Fackerell or their respective authors. All Rights Reserved. If you wish to quote extensively or publish any part of this, write me for permission. You are encouraged to link to the teaching freely. This section of the site includes articles by various authors (at this stage mostly by the site owner) and Bible teachings on various subjects. An effort will be made to organize these. Please take the time to comment on the teachings by registering and adding your comments.

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