Answered Prayer in my life

by Michael Fackerell. I went for years in the church without experiencing definite answers to prayer that could be termed miracles. But since the time I was filled with the Spirit and truly gave my life to the Lord I’ve had many experiences and answers to prayer which are quite remarkable.

The more I go on as a follower of Jesus, the more I meet people who can

tell me stories of amazing answers to prayer. I am sure that there

are MILLIONS of people who can relate stories along this line. Now that

the internet has come along, we are going to try to collect some of them,

because publishing is cheap on the internet!

I am not talking only about things that would probably happen anyway

without the intervention of God, but really outstanding answers to prayer.

Just last week (June 1999) I heard a report from Florin, a good Romanian friend living here in Brussels. He had been in hospital for many days following an epileptic fit in which he lost consciousness. The doctors did a brain scan and various other tests. Two scans showed a dark spot on the brain – some kind of growth. A number of Christians, including myself, prayed with laying on of hands. Florin had been told by the doctors that they would almost certainly need to operate and do brain surgery. Florin was still quite concerned about it until the day he heard from the doctors that a further scan revealed that the spot was no longer there. We are going to get the medical proof to document this miracle for all to see.

Recently in India, I witnessed the healing of a deaf mute girl

I prayed for in an evangelistic meeting. I commanded the spirit bringing

deafness and muteness to go a few times. First she got her hearing, then

she began to make sounds. Reports have come back to me from the man who

invited me to India of a blind lady who was also healed in those

meetings and is now reading her Bible.

When I used to pray for the sick in Romania, on the streets and

in markets, I would say that the majority of those who were prayed for

with the laying on of hands testified that they were healed. The

PAIN LEFT. They could do what they could not do before WITHOUT PAIN.

These were people who did not come to my church and who were not

really interested in coming. I don’t know most of them. I met such people

from time to time who told me they were still healed after more than a

year. Once two in different places in Bucharest. CHRISTIANS SERVE A


I have had money come in just when I needed it many a time. One time

my wife and I were living in America. I had no work permit, and we were

down to $20. We were not sending out letters asking for money. Yet I found

$400 put in my account, with no idea of where it came from. I arrived in

Canada with little money and no friends or contacts. I ended up staying

there for 5 weeks, preached in two churches, and got the money to fly back

to Romania – without ASKING FOR MONEY to anyone except God!

The greatest answers to prayer come when we are forgiven by God.

Everyone needs forgiveness, especially from God. God is holy and

perfect. The greatest thing is to be forgiven by Him. But in order

to get anything from God in answer to prayer, you must have faith. That

is, you must believe that He exists, and that He will really

reward you for seeking to know Him and have a personal relationship with

Him – the Creator of the Universe!

Would you like to pray a really powerful prayer that always works for

those who are sincere in praying it? Here is a link.

Here is some teaching on prayer I wrote. It

uses a lot of Christian words and has a lot of Bible references, but it

may be of help to you.

I invite you to build a faith community together with me. Join my social media channels and let’s connect, especially if you want freedom or fullness in Christ.

My Telegram has a ministry channel. On Tiktok I have many videos and new ones regularly.

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