Practical wisdom about hearing the voice of God

imagesI am afraid the reason many times we don’t hear from God on a particular issue we are asking Him for direction is simply because we ask and then we go away or change the subject and ask about something else, we don’t stop to listen to Him for the answer.

Imagine if I came to you and told you I was lost and can you help me to know how to get from A to B location. Then immediately turn my back to you and walk away before you have a chance to speak, or I change the subject and ask you question number 2 without giving you the chance to reply to the first.

This is how we are with God sometimes. We need to stop, quiet our soul, tune in by focusing on Him to the expense of any of our surroundings and wait patiently for Him to speak. Sometimes we need to wait a while, sometimes we need to wait a number of times, He tests us in these times of waiting to see how much we really want the answer and we really want Him to lead us verses us doing it in our own strength.

Sometimes we are afraid to wait to hear from God because we fear getting it wrong. See, relationship with God is a walk of faith, faith involves trust and risk. And there is no other way to know if you are getting it right or wrong, then to actually stop and listen and then judge what you hear against the truths and principles in God’s Word and against peace and freedom in your soul.

Practice is the only way to get good at hearing from God. When you get it right, you can think back, how did I feel when I heard right? What emotions, what impressions, what did I sense? And when you get it wrong, you ask the same same question: how did I fell when I heard wrong. And if you compare the two you will start to learn how it feels when God speaks and when you get it wrong and will learn to hear Him better and better.

Usually, from my experience, when you hear right, it is followed by one or more of the following:

– you feel an undisturbed peace

– you feel faith comes into your soul

– you feel confidence rise up in you which you did not have before

– if He gives you a ‘Yes’ to what you’ve asked, you usually feel a sense of freedom, you feel a push to go ahead, you feel an encouragement to move forward, like a green ‘Go’ light from the traffic lights

– if He gives you a ‘No’ to what you’ve asked, you usually feel like a blocked path type feeling, like a stop sign, like a red light at the traffic lights, usually accompanied by restlessness, lack of peace and a sense you are being held back

– if He gives you a ‘Wait’ to what you have asked, you usually feel peace, you feel rest comes upon you and faith rises inside you that you can wait and things will be ok if you don’t do anything, you sort of relax in your soul and you have a sense of nothing, do nothing

– if He is to guide you about something that does not involve yes, no or wait, but rather direction, when God speaks you feel the same as what I wrote for ‘yes’ above and if it’s not from God, you usually feel what I wrote for ‘No’ .

What I am saying here are guidelines, God is not limited by those, but they apply to most situations.
It is very important also to get to know the Word of God well so you can evaluate what you hear against the principles and doctrines from the Bible, to ensure you are not being led astray, to your own peril.

If you don’t practice hearing God’s voice, then you will never know what you could have known, so drop the fear and wait on God, He doesn’t mind if you get it sometimes wrong, He knows you need space to learn.

He is like a Father who watches His child fall as he learns to walk and doesn’t get upset at his falls, but rather is happy at the steps he made before the fall and just encourages the child to try again. That’s how God is.

So give it a go! After all, what if you get it right? Why miss on the amazing wisdom of God because of fear? How much could that wisdom save you in sweat and tear?

Remember, don’t talk and walk away or change the subject, give Him space and time to speak back.

Looking forward to hearing your testimonies written below in the comments on how God spoke to you and you’ve learned to discern His voice. Please share your testimony below.

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