Cheryl Parrott – a divine encounter

Michael, thought I would give you my testimony, you may want to use some
of it. 
Cheryl Parrott

Although I believed in God, and sometimes talked with him while camping
out in the bush I was not a Christian, Jesus was not Lord of my life. I
had not asked him into my life. However at the age of 44 that was to change.
I met a lady on the train station and we subsequently became friends. She
was a very strong Christian. She invited me to a revival meeting but I
refused, she persisted to the point of being intimidating and I kept refusing,
in the end (to get her off the phone) I told her I would think  about
it. When I hung up the phone and started to walk across the room an audible
voice said “Go to the meeting.” I was really

spooked because I was the only one in the house! All the hairs on the
back of my head stood up! But at the same time a deep peace fell upon me
and I knew in my heart I was going to the meeting!

At the meeting the presence of the Holy Spirit was very strong (although
I didn’t know what it was) They sang worship for the whole night, at one
point about half way through the night I walked up the back of the hall
and all of a sudden I was caught in a beam of light and “frozen” mid stride
I couldn’t move.(Like a “beam me up Scotty movie!!) I looked around me
and above me to see where the light was coming from but it wasn’t coming
from anywhere but when I looked down I could see the circle of light around
me. I was definitely NOT caught in a spot light or any down lighting and
of course the other weird thing was that I was “frozen” to the spot mid
stride. As I stood there looking around wondering if others could see all
of this and would notice I felt the most incredible sensation. I felt like
I was standing under a shower but instead of water, love was being poured
upon me, as it touched my head it actually went through my head all the
way through my body to my feet and this continued the whole time I was
“frozen” in the beam of light.

Then as suddenly as it came it went and I continued walking as if I
hadn’t even stopped. I knew my life had been changed in that moment of
time, but I didn’t know how. I didn’t tell anyone! (Would you?) But from
that moment I was focused on God in a new way. All of a sudden I wanted
a Bible and went to purchase one. I found I deep need to find a spiritual
home and found the church that God wanted me to grow up in. But I still
hadn’t given my life to Jesus, I still hadn’t asked Him to be Lord of my

To be honest I didn’t want to be a Christian. The Christians I had had
contact with seemed to me to be boring and dull and I thought I had an
interesting life and I didn’t want to give it up! God had other ideas. 
He took me to a business conference in Hawaii and there I met a lady from
Alaska (as you know I am from Australia) so he brought this lady from the
other side of the world, just to speak to me.

As we talked she said “God has brought you to this place because he
is happy with what you are doing. But I can tell you, if he changes your
life, it will be even better”. This is exactly what I wanted to hear, even
though I didn’t know it at the time.

I went back to my hotel room and in the dark I silently gave my life
completely over to Jesus. I said “OK Jesus, you can have my life, whatever
you want to do is OK with me” – Real spiritual stuff! Nothing seemed to
change. I woke up feeling exactly the same. But when I got back home –

From then on the Lord has worked powerfully in my life with visions
and prophetic words for people but I want to share the most dramatic one
with you.

During this time my daughter who was 16 was estranged from the family. 
She was on the streets and on drugs and we didn’t know where she was. We
had combed the streets many times looking for her but to no avail. She
would have no contact with us. Once when she was in hospital and I found
out and rang the hospital they refused to allow me to see her or even give
me any information about her on her request. So we were in a painful place
as a family.

One morning in desperation I cried out to God. “Lord you know where
she is, I don’t. You can look after her, I can’t. I give her to you Lord,
she is yours” WELL the very next day she came home and walked into the
house and announced that she was giving up drugs. I give Jesus all the
glory, all the praise and all the honour. She is 20 now and is drug free,
has a good job and has gone to college at night to get a degree in graphic
design. Praise Jesus.

The Lord also told me “You have lost your daughter, but I am going to
give you back a loving adult” He told me this about 3 years ago and I have
clung to His promise. He is fulfilling this slowly in many ways. And being
the gracious God and Father that He is, He has given me many many other
daughters to love and mentor in the meantime. I believe that God will fulfil
His promise to me and that one day we will be united in a deep and loving
way as mother and daughter.

I might add that my life has completely changed. There is no resemblance
of my old life and that lady from Alaska was right! My new life in Christ
is infinitely better than anything I could have imagined and far more exciting
than my old life ever was.

Michael I could tell you many other stories of miracles God has produced
in my life. Miracles of producing money in an empty purse and miracles
of healing in me and my son. God is real. He is faithful and He is glorious
and I am so very grateful that He called me and that I responded.


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