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Bible Meditate ScreenshotsWould you like to memorize God’s Word easily? Would you like to have easy access to collections of powerful Scriptures you can hear repeated to yourself on your phone at regular intervals wherever you are?

At the end of 2021 I commissioned the creation of an App for Bible Meditation. We continue to develop it.

The greatest need people have today is to have the Living Word of God filling their hearts and minds. The Scriptures have great power and they give a more reliable message than anything else.

The value of having Christians really know the Scriptures is beyond calculation.

That is why I urge you to use this App. There ARE other ones out there but they cost money.

You can use this one for free. And it will get better and better if we see that people use it. Already it is really powerful.

What’s new

✅ Multiple Bible versions support
– You can now choose between English Standard Version (ESV) and King James Version (KJV)✅ Drama and Non-Drama audio support
– You can now choose what audio type you want to play.✅ Saved Topics
– Save topics that you like so you can get back to them whenever you want

What is Going into Production Soon

We have code written to browse and play chapters of the Bible and also allow you to select any verse from these chapters and add them into Custom Playlists that you create.

What We Plan to Do Soon

Because our codebase is written in C# using Xamarin, we hope to be able to release an iOS version of the App very soon!

We would also like to release a version to run on Windows as an app.

What You Can Do

Please support this project by downloading the app from the Play Store if you run an Android Phone.

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    Bible Meditation App

    Bible Meditation AppGet our Free Bible Meditate app. You can search themes, play verses repetitively, shuffle, build custom playlists. Learn more.

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