Why Salvation?

Light from the SkyWhen we consider life and the world we live in, we can see that something is wrong. As well as beauty, we see ugliness. As well as order, we see chaos.

As well as kindness, we see brutality, cruelty, hatred and indifference. We see sickness and disease as well as health. We see selfishness as well as caring. We see wilful ignorance and stupidity as well as creativity and wisdom. As well as truth, we see lies – and sometimes we don’t see the lies until it is too late. Why is this?

Philosophers, artists and religious leaders have given different answers to these questions. Some have suggested that life has no meaning except whatever “meaning” we’d like to invent for ourselves – that it all arises from nothing for no reason – that there is no God. Still others see everything in terms of some kind of spiritual evolution. Hopefully we are learning our lessons and improving – possibly through multiple reincarnations. But the Christian answer goes like this: humanity has chosen to disobey God, and goes on making those kinds of choices. These choices open the door for our spiritual enemies – fallen angels and demons, to oppress, harass, enslave and torment us to varying degrees. By rebelling against our Creator, we have become guilty and corrupt. We are corrupt to the point where we cannot save ourselves.

We cannot pay enough for our past sins to ever be acceptable to God.

We cannot reform our character so as to become 100% loving and pure and wise.

We cannot find out the truth by our reasoning alone. We are vulnerable to deception and delusion.

The consequences of our separation from God’s perfect plan show in our bodies – through sickness and death, through a confused, weak or evil mind, through a spiritually dead nature that cannot see or love God. The consequences go further into our relationships, our families, our society and our world. And these consequences reverberate throughout eternity.

Our wilful sins against ALMIGHTY GOD, our Creator are so serious because of WHO God is. You can’t treat someone that important badly and avoid the guilt that goes with that.

We owe God for our very life and existence. He gave us every good thing we enjoy, but WE have all joined with our forefathers in rejecting God’s ways and God’s law – to a greater or lesser extent.

Even if we are better than others we know, we are still defiled. It is a bit like an omelette with just one rotten egg in it – you wouldn’t eat that omelette. Or a cake with just a teaspoon of kerosene in it – would we eat that? So are our lives before a holy God.

We wouldn’t even know who the true God is unless God revealed Himself to us in history. Our philosophies and speculations about God and the divine vary greatly – who is to say who is right? Or if all are wrong? So we don’t even have the power to establish for ourselves in our minds the truth about God.

This is why we all need salvation. We need to be rescued. We need healing. We need forgiveness. We need hope. We need new life. We need freedom from the invisible chains that bind us. We need a radical change. The truth is, we need radical action from God’s side if there is to be any hope. And we need to respond to God’s action.

This is a big part of what this website is about. You are invited to read on and enter the story yourself.

God understood all the problems we have talked about. He has provided salvation through Jesus Christ. Jesus became the scape goat and the sin offering for all of us when He died on the cross. By rising from death, Jesus also showed that He conquered all these things for us. Now, by turning to Him and trusting in Him, we can start a genuine relationship with God – a spiritual connection that is real, and leads us into God’s family and eternal bliss in the hereafter.

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