Two Testimonies of Healing through Fasting and Prayer

For about four years I suffered
from severe pain in various parts of
my body. Gradually the pain became
so intense that I could not go out
either by bus or taxi. Therefore, I
always stayed at home and was mis-

I went to the hospital for an examination, and when the results came in I was told that
I had inflammation of the joints as well as stomach and
liver trouble. I continued the medical treatment
because of the urging of my family, but it had little
effect on my condition.

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Stomach Cancer Healed through Fasting and Prayer

For a long time I had been troubled with stomach problems. It seemed
I could not digest food of any kind.
Every time I ate I was in pain and at
last I went to the hospital. In spite of
the treatment and the medicine, my
condition became worse and worse.
Fearing the problem was serious, I
went to a famous hospital for an examination. At the
conclusion of the examination the doctor called my
guardian and had a serious talk with him. When I asked him about it later he told me that it was difficult to
cure cancer in the advanced stages.

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Healed of Painful Paralysis through Fasting and Faith in Christ

For five months my arm and leg
were partially paralyzed and I was in
much pain. I prayed that God would
heal me and decided to go to the Full
Gospel Prayer Mountain, a place I
have visited many times since.
After praying and fasting for one
week, God completely healed me. I
continued to fast and pray for about ten days in
thanksgiving for the miracle God had wrought in my

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Healing of Diabetes and More through Fasting and Prayer

I praise and worship
the Lord for His
blessings and for healing
me in March, 1972. I was
not a Christian at the
time and worked at a paint shop. I had taken medicine
for a long time because of bad colds. As I drank wine
and took the medicine, the disease grew worse and
worse. Finally I lost so much strength in my legs it was
difficult to walk straight.

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Severe Head Wound Healed through Prayer and Fasting

In December, 1974, I fell from the third floor of a building and hit my head. As a result of the head wound, by the time I reached the hospital, I had lost a lot of blood. The doctor took stitches and stopped the bleeding, but after five days I noticed part of my head was soft and I thought it was swollen. The doctor said that a blood vessel had broken and the soft spot was where the blood collected. He said it could be removed with an injection needle without any danger. However, when the doctor removed the blood, it promptly refilled. I thought I was going to die.

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Son Healed of Rare Anemia with No Known Cure – Through Fasting and Prayer

In May, 1974, my little son began having symptoms
that indicated he was not well in body. He had an un-
usually high temperature and lacked energy. Feeling
concern, I put him in the Kyanghee University
Hospital for diagnosis, but after an extensive examina-
tion the doctors could find nothing wrong. After I paid
the $500 bill, he was discharged from the hospital yet
the symptoms remained, so we began regular
treatments at an Oriental clinic. He seemed to have so
little strength so we gave him powdered antler and a
special juice medicine every day.

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Alcoholic Delivered through Fasting and Prayer

For seven years I
taught school on a
small island off the
coast of Korea. Cut off
from the land and
friends, I sometimes
felt very lonely. When
these times of
loneliness, trouble,and homesickness came, I drank. I loved my wine and
eventually became an alcoholic. Without thinking of
the serious damage I was doing to my body, I thought
that I could not live without my wine. Often I would
forget to eat because of my heavy drinking.

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Breast Cancer Healed through Fasting and the Power of God

For seven months before coming
to the prayer mountain, I could not
eat and was unable to walk. If I
drank even a little bit of water, I
would vomit and cough so that I
could not stand up. My heartbeat
was weak and I was taking many
different kinds of Chinese medicine
to try to make it stronger. I received countless injec-
tions, but each was effective for only a short while.

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Grandmother fasts for a miracle for her grandson

I gave my heart to Christ when I was young and have
tried to live for Jesus all my life. For 28 years I had suffered with a disease that was gradually leaving me paralyzed. I went to the Full Gospel Prayer Mountain to pray earnestly for the salvation of my son. I had always prayed that my son would
come to the Lord, but until that time he was not
interested in the things of God.

Prior to this time I had received medical treatment
and acupuncture treatments for three months, but my
condition was no better. My family advised me to go to
the hospital.

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