What is the Point of Life?

Graveyard and ChildWhat do you think is the point of life?

What do you think happens when someone dies?

Do you think it is possible that there could be life after death?

Is it possible that there is a God and you are somehow supposed to know Him?

If God was to ask you why you should be let into His Kingdom, what would you say?

Do you think you have been good enough to be accepted by God into heaven? Most people realise they have not been. Or they aren’t sure. No matter what their religion, people haven’t kept the commandments of that religion properly – let alone God’s pure standard of love for their neighbour. Have you? Have you been pure in your attitudes, your words and your life, always doing the right thing?

No one can make themselves good enough for God.

You may say: I’ve been better than a lot of people. Better than a lot of Christians, too!

Maybe so, but if you made a large cake with just one rotten egg in it and many good ones, would you eat it? Would you serve that cake to your friends? Would you serve it to God? 

A little bit of sin – a little bit of selfishness and disobedience to God – poisons and spoils your life. Sin creates a gulf between us and God, and hinders communication with God. So this picture below gives a graphical picture of our situation before we believe in the power of the cross – the Blood Sacrifice of Christ for our sins.

Sin Separates from God

No amount of philosophy, good works or personal penance can earn you a ticket to heaven or out of hell.

This is why God sent Jesus His Son into the world. Not only to show us how a man full of the Holy Spirit could live, but more importantly, to become a blood sacrifice for OUR sins. In suffering and dying, Jesus took the guilt and curse that should have been ours, so that we could have the forgiveness and acceptance and favor He deserved by His sinless life.

God demonstrated the truth of this by raising Jesus from death after three days, He was seen by over 500 people at one time. No one could find the body of Jesus because HE HAD RISEN. And today, many people, even some former muslims, say they have literally seen Jesus.

All this is good news for anyone who will put their trust in Jesus and what He has done.

It is scary news for anyone who wants to reject Jesus.

I would rather trust the teaching of someone who came back from the dead than anyone else, no matter who they are.

When it comes to your eternal soul, would you rather trust in your own religious efforts, or in the blood sacrifice that Jesus made in order to wipe away your sins? I hope you will see that it is wiser to trust in God’s arranged way.

If you yourself will call upon Jesus to rescue you, from a sincere heart, thanking Him for His death in your place, something miraculous is going to happen for you.

He will send His Holy Spirit into your life if you are willing to obey God, and through the Holy Spirit and the other ways God connects you to His will, you will be able to live a life pleasing God.

The Bible says, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life” (John 3:16). What this eternal life really means in the gospels is to know God personally and be genuinely connected to Him by the Spirit (see John 17:3), where you really hear His word to you.

If you want to start obeying God, call upon Jesus for salvation, and start reading the New Testament part of the Bible first. When you really believe with all your heart, you should get baptized (immersed) in water as a believer to show your commitment to do God’s will from now on.

Don’t leave this until it is too late.

If you believe in Jesus and want to receive His Spirit, you can make a start by saying something like:

“Dear Jesus, I believe you died for my sins and rose again. I believe you paid for my sins and I’m willing to trust what you have done. I’m sorry for the wrong I’ve done. I receive you as Lord and Savior. Save me from the power and guilt of sin. Show me how to follow you by the power of the Holy Spirit. I commit my life to you. So be it.”

So the point of life is to be reconnected with your Creator in a relationship of love and experience His wonderful plan for your life.

If you have prayed this and/or want to know God and be assured of His forgiveness, contact me using the email below:

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