Defeating Demons

Spiritual Warfare and Breaking Curses

How to Cast Out Demons

Spiritual Warfare and Dealing with Demons

Deliverance from the Evil One

How to Break Curses

Demons and Fallen Angels

How Curses Come and Demons Enter

Power over Demons

Counselling Prayers

Can Christians Have Demons or be under a curse?

How the Spirit of Religion fights the Spirit of God

Healing Through Deliverance

Who is Satan?

The Real Jesus

Deliverance from Demons – Notes of Bill Subritzky

How to Get Free

The Passage the Devil wanted out of your Bible

The Big Lies of Satan

The Anointing with Oil – Marlies Zechner

Confessions for Deliverance from Demons

Brandi Winemiller

Satanic Tactics

Demon Influence in Culture

Spiritual Warfare Praying

Practical Christian Ministry

Delivered from Mormon Deception

Unbelief in Believers

Books and References on Spiritual Warfare

Why Some Fail to Receive Divine Healing – Further Reasons

Demon Activities

Confessions about the Name of Jesus

Paganism and Occult Religions

Man Saved from Sexual Addiction

How to protect your home and break curses!

Prayer To Remove Sex Demon Possession

The Devil

The Nature and Power of the Word of God

Salvation of Man

Blessings and Curses

Lead Us not into Temptation

Essentials to Healing

Introduction to Spiritual Warfare

Who I am in Christ

Importance of Forgiveness

What Jesus did in Spiritual Warfare

Deuteronomy 8:18

Ministry Growth Confessions

Satan’s desire is to lead the whole world astray!

Training Believers to Do the Healing Ministry

My testimony of demonic attacks.

The Battle is His – Victory is Mine

Prayer Pastoring – Chapter 3 – Righteousness

How To Remove Black Magic and Demon Possession

Evangelism Notes – by Bill Subritzky

Borderline Personality Disorder Mimics Demonic Possession

Spiritual Protection

The Kingdom of God

What About Aliens and UFOs – A Short Answer

Objections Answered to Deliverance Ministries

Ministering for the Glory of God

Black Magic and Demonic Possession are Real

Commitment to Minister in God’s Power

Keys to the Anointing

What shall we make of Matthew 7:21-23

An Australian comes out of darkness

Jesus Saves from Black Magic and Demonic Possession

Delivered From The Power Of Darkness

He is with me: Story of how Christ resued a young Hindu woman in her deepest despair

Churches that Cast Out Demons

Jesus Saves From Black Magic Through Compassion

Suicide Spirit Comes Out

I Wanted to Commit Suicide – Spirits Urged Me til Jesus Saved Me

To Hell and Back

Binding and Loosing

Signs of a True Believer – Casting out Demons

Teaching on Accusing Spirits

The Enemy

Want Deliverance?

Is Something Manifesting in your Life?

Sexual Addiction

Metal rock god James Ronnie Dio dies

The Overcoming Christian

Overcoming Demonic Spirits and Spiritual Attacks

Where in God’s Word is the Authority of Every Christian over Satan and Demons?

Breaking Strongholds and Resisting Temptation

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