James Polasek – Facing Eternal Issues


I can still clearly remember the very day/hour that my life changed from being destined for hell, to being eternally secure in the fact of knowing my new destiny for heaven. That day and hour was: Saturday, August 28th, 1987, approximately 11:00 p.m. Perhaps for some or most Christians, they cannot recall a specific day/hour. But for me, there was NO doubt as to when I became a part of the “family of God”—saved by His mercy and
grace at the age of 36 years old!

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Mary comes out of religious emptiness to Christ

My name is Mary and I was born and grew up in a Catholic family.

I attended the church services regularly, prayed to saints, obeyed the rules, followed the traditions .. however, I felt an emptiness in my heart.

One day, I happened to attend a prayer meeting. The praise and worship was so powerful that I couldn’t explain. I experienced the presence of God there. I felt like something is being filled in me.

I left the Catholic church and get baptised and I never turned back to the catholic rules and traditions again.

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Mani Iyer – Orthodox Hindu turns to Christ

Here is the wonderful healing testimony of mani V Iyer who is from a Hindu Brahmin family. Though his wife was baptised, he was not ready to listen to her words .. finally … he turned to Jesus Christ .. Lets have a look at his story .

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Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj – from hinduism to Christ

Sundar Selvaraj was born on 17 March 1962 into a Catholic family. He has
two sisters and a younger brother. When he was about seven years old, his
father embraced Hinduism and became a layman priest.

Young Sundar being the first born male child followed his father’s footsteps and became a devout Hindu. He gave himself to the study of mantras and was versed in performing pujas (religious ceremonies). He even carried the kavadi – a form of Hindu penance, for three years.

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Angie Whisman – out of witchcraft

Angie Whisman put herself under witchcraft. But she says that if we accept Jesus in our lives we can never go back to those bad activities again. She is a living example for this …

I am 36 years old and because of the miracle working power of Jesus Christ I am saved, santicified and filled with the Holy Ghost. You see I grew up in a Catholic home and continued in such until I was 20 years old, when I became a nun after which time I left the church and became an atheist.

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Delivered from Occult Oppression

I was baptised a Catholic although as a teenager I wasn’t interested in religion but as a child I had many dreams which were to end up being prophetic messages for my future although at the time they were just dreams, it’s taken me 36 yrs to see the light and hear the truth despite my many supernatural experiences along the way. I tried to see logic in everything and I guess it kept me in bondage for some time. I will write about the experiences that have impacted me the most as there have been too many.

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Catholic church interior

Baptism Testimony of a former Roman Catholic

Richard was baptized into the Roman catholic church into 1963… but unknown to him was the fact that God had other plans. Lord planned and grace has shown Richard this truth in Jeremiah when God tells us “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.

Richard Wozniak was baptized Sunday, December 9 2001 at the New Hyde Park Baptist Church NY by Pastor Gary Scott.

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Buddhist Monk turns to Jesus

Bruce believed in Buddhism and in 1994 he was ordained as a novice monk. Even though he was relaxed at peace, there were no miracles, or great spiritual awakening in his life. At last he turned to Jesus Christ and his life changed for the better after his conversion to Christianity.

BUDDHIST Monk turns To JESUS Christ

After I finished high school, I decided to find my own identity by researching my Laotian background. I read many books on Laotian history, religion and philosophy.

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Delivered from Mormon Deception

Michael, thank you for your insight on whether or not Christians can have demons. I appreciate that there are Christians who will take my experience at face value rather than wondering if I was truly a Christian when this devil entered me. I know there is great controversy on this subject among Christian scholars but for those of us who have experienced deliverance, there is no question as to whether or not a Christian can have a demon.

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