Mani Iyer – Orthodox Hindu turns to Christ

My name is Mani Iyer. Background orthodox/conservative Hindu Brahmin family. My wife Leena Iyer and son Sunny Iyer both of them are born again Christian. When ever I used to come on vacation (I was working in Muscat) my wife always used to tell me that Jesus died on cross for our sins and rose from death. With my abrasive mind I used to tell her that you have told me these things thousand times and tell me something new. According to me these are all fairy tale. I don?t want to accept Jesus as I was very adamant, rigid and stubborn and was happy with what I am doing. I used to change my thread every one-year then do gayatri 1008 times and do regularly pooja (idol worship) ringing the bell and lit agarbathi. I now realized that I was doing foolish things but I am always sincere for doing foolish things. Days passed my wife and son prayed for Jesus and I was happy doing foolish things.

Then sister Lona entered in my life. Few years back sister Lona gave me gift of Holy Bible. I was thinking in mind that what I will do with the Bible. Since I did not want to hurt her religiously or spiritually or whatever it is I accepted the Bible reluctantly. I took the Bible along with me to Muscat I kept the Bible there but did not touch. I used to dust the Bible every week or 10 days but did not open it. Then the situation arrived in such a way that I became frustrated and all the time my mind was opting for a change. So I resigned my job and came back to India carried the Bible back without opening.

While coming back I was thinking in my mind that I worked for years in Muscat and let me relax and enjoy my life. After coming back everything was normal for few days. Later I noticed that my wife used to play Jesus songs early in the morning with high volume followed by Benny Hinn program on God channel.

I was thinking in my mind what is this going on. I observed for few days and then I thought in my mind that let me observe for few more days. I cannot understand the lyrics of the songs for me it was like Michel Jackson songs which no body understand the lyrics. I used to wonder why this lady couldn?t play some meaningful song like `choli ke peeche kya hai`. I was very understanding that I used to get up only by 10 a.m. after her song episode is over. Days passed she was busy with her daily prayer with high volume and I was busy with mine.

One fine day our brother Joseph came to my house and told me about Jesus. He continuously drilled my mind for two hours. I was thinking why this man is wasting his time. I am not going to improve. But he did his job. God bless him. Days passed without much change in my attitude

Slowly I started taking some interest in watching the God channel. I even attended the Benny Hinn crusade. I was really impressed with the miracles, which I have to believe. Days passed as usual. Suddenly I find some change in my approach. I was attracted to read the Bible. But I kept on post phoning.

Then one fine day I spontaneously removed my sacred thread and opened the Bible. Praise the Lord. I started reading the Bible with a notebook with me noting the names etc and revise myself after I finish one book. My son came and asked whether I am going to appear for university exam. I told him that I want to be a rank holder in Jesus University. Praise the Lord.

Days passed. On 17th April Pastor G. K. Kannan from New Life Fellowship church, St. Lawrence school, Asha Nagar came to my place to invite for prayer meeting on Sunday 18th April 2004 evening 5.30 p.m. I was thinking in my mind what I will do sitting at home and let me attend the prayer meeting. I attended on 18th April 2004 and after the meeting I casually told pastor G.K.Kannan that I am suffering from acute sinus problem and my X ray reports revels that surgery is the only remedy for permanent cure. He prayed for me.

To my surprise on 19th April2004 early morning at 2.40 a.m. I saw a dream. One young boy showed his finger and asked me to look up. In the turbulent darkness I noticed a white cloud moving and suddenly felt unbearable electric shock on my body. I did not know what is happening and screamed loudly. Then I called

Upon Lord Jesus. I could not move my body. Suddenly I felt Holy Sprit sitting on my body. I managed to move my left arm and touched and felt the softness of The Holy Sprit. Then I raised my right hand where Holy Spirit Touched and vanished. I got up and opened the Bible to thank Lord and Holy Spirit for touching and blessing me. I suddenly realized that fluid due to sinus in my forehead started flowing through my ears. Praise the Lord. Things did not end there.

Again on 23rd April 2004 early morning almost the same time I saw a dream that I am standing in a huge hall where almost everybody throwing things on each other. One person from the group went outside and fired a huge fireball. Everybody realized the definite death. I thought that why not to call Lord Jesus. Suddenly the white cloud appeared and I could feel severe warmness on my forehead. I knew that the treatment is on and on. Praise the Lord. Things did not end there.

Due to the passing fluid from my left ear some of the dirt started getting accumulated inside my left ear, which was worrying me. After few days when I was sleeping in the afternoon I saw a dream. Don?t be surprised I am jobless so I can sleep anytime. In the dream dirt accumulated from my left ear rolled off automatically. I ignored the dream. Same evening when I was taking bath I recollected the dream and touched my left ear and then checked with ear bud. To my surprise all the dirt has disappeared. I advised my wife to look into my ear and reconfirm this. My left ear was very clean and no sign of any dirt. So Lord Jesus treatment is on for me. Praise the Lord. With oscillating mind I doubted about the earlier dreams but now I can say with conviction that my level of faith has reached to the maximum. Praise the Lord. Things did not end here.

So by then I could feel that the fluid in my forehead drastically reduced. Then again on 10th May 2004 early morning I got up from the sleep to realize that maximum fluid came out this time from my right ear. My pillow was totally wet by the thick fluid and also part of my head and neck. I realized that 90 percent of the fluid has come out of my forehead. Due to this I got back my smelling sense. Earlier whether it is any foodstuff or any kind of fragrance I used to get only one particular mild nasty smell. Now I am healed of that also. Praise the Lord. Things did not end there.

Again after few days the rest of fluid came out of my ear and I felt that there is no more fluid resting in my forehead and I am completely healed. Praise the Lord. I went for the X ray. The report is perfect. Praise the Lord. I could not believe that Lord Jesus has done the treatment for me so carefully. Praise the Lord. Lifting my hand up with the X ray report this is what Lord Jesus has done to me. Praise the Lord.

I lost many things in my life including two good jobs. But I gained Lord Jesus.

Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing me from darkness. I proclaim that it is true; Lord Jesus is the living God and the rest is all fairy tales. We all will pray that every single disease is healed in the name of Jesus and every single demon from the universe is destroyed in the name of Jesus. I am confident that we are going to witness many more healing testimonies here (our Church) in the name of Jesus. Thank you Father, Lord and the Holy Spirit.


Name : Mani. V. Iyer

Place : Kandivali, Mumbai

Date : 22.05.2004

I invite you to build a faith community together with me. Join my social media channels and let’s connect, especially if you want freedom or fullness in Christ.

My Telegram has a ministry channel. On Tiktok I have many videos and new ones regularly.

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