Delivered from Occult Oppression

I was baptised a Catholic although as a teenager I wasn’t interested in religion but as a child I had many dreams which were to end up being prophetic messages for my future although at the time they were just dreams, it’s taken me 36 yrs to see the light and hear the truth despite my many supernatural experiences along the way. I tried to see logic in everything and I guess it kept me in bondage for some time. I will write about the experiences that have impacted me the most as there have been too many. Pride was a huge issue for me, it kept me a slave for so long, afraid of what others would think in regards to my experiences fearing others opinions of me as being mentally ill. I didn’t have Christian friends at the time everyone I hung out with back then were non believers.

When I was about 21 years I was working and would catch a bus to work and back as I didn’t have a car yet. One afternoon getting off the bus returning home from work as I was slowly approaching my families home I could see a black shiny object on the front lawn. When I got the the house I went right up to it and saw it was half a 45 rpm record, before picking it up I thought it could of been one of my own that my either of my siblings could have destroyed for some reason. I picked it up and looked at the song title and realised it wasn’t one of mine, a cold chill came across my body and I dropped it feeling spooked out for a few minutes, my instictive feelings told me there was something sinister to this record. Then I brushed off these feelings, feeling stupid that such a thought even crossed my mind and I picked up the record took it inside and told my mother who immediately told me to dispose of it. She herself was spooked out being quite superstitious and believed it too be witch craft. I refused to believe this because I didn’t want too. It made perfect sense to her as she believed it was all about jealousy (prior to this I was a successful music theatre star touring internationally and was making inroads into establishing a recording career.)

Anyway not too long after this a lot of bad luck happened and bizarre things were happening in the house. But before this all started to occur I never really took the situation (record discovery) seriously nor and gave the occurrence a second thought. During the time of hell that came about after this I refused to see the bigger picture for a long time.

It started with one night awaking from a sleep and seeing the room light up, red as hell and seeing silhouettes of people walking past my bed and out through the bedroom wall going outside the house. I was in terror the first time and then it became an every night occurence which would send me hiding under my covers every night. During the day time I would see sparks in rooms and it’s movement. I realized it was spiritual entities in the house although I was unable to see them but I could make out there height and could make out where they walked by the wooshing that followed. Heaps of weird things happened over time, seeing indentations on sofa as though someone had sat down, and then as though they got up, feelings of cold breezes, curtains raising and falling without windows open. I told my mother and she called the priest to come and bless the house but nothing changed. I convinced myself I was hallucinating and losing my mind. Tragedy struck my brother, he was bashed by some thugs and left almost for dead. After his hospital stay he came home and whatever was attacking me began to attack him but sadly for him he went down the psychiatric road after initially being diagnosed with some inflammation to the brain to eventually being a diagnosed schitzophrenic. I on the other hand saw the path my folks were going with my brother, kept myself closed off too talking about my continuing experiences. Mum thought the Priest got rid of the entities, but nothing could have been further from the truth. A few months later I was also drugged and raped at a birthday party whilst I was unconscious, after having a couple of drinks I was beginning to pass out and the hosts mother put me to sleep in one of the bedrooms in an attempt to sleep it off (she’s thinking I’m grossly drunk) but it was the worst think ever as I became a victim of rape. This only added to the spiritual warfare I was experiencing only now I was feeling as though my body was being touched as I lie in my bed at night and the crippling nightmares began along with out of body experiences. It was a huge ordeal with police and statements, court and finally an aquittal for the offender. This whole experience I kept a secret from my family and only a close friend knew about it. I can’t even begin to describe the anguish and suffering I endured over those months and the life long legacy it left me with.

Then oneday in desperation I rang a christian healer who was recommended to me and made an appointment for him to come to my folks place whilst they were out, they were Catholics and opposed other beliefs.

He came with his wife and when I answered the door she had an full on anxiety attack and he had to help regain herself whilst I looked on. They both went back too his car where she stayed and he returned to tell me she is extremely sensitive and felt a suffocating presence of spirits in the house the moment I opened the door. Fortunately he was able to come in and talk to me despite this as she waited in the car.

He sat down on the sofa and asked me what was happening in my life and I told him everything, it was such a burden of my shoulders, I felt a sense of freedom. As he chatted with me I saw an apparition appear in full form behind his right shoulder. This was the first and only time I have ever since a spirit in totality that wasn’t a vision (something seen in the mind’s eye) as I did that afternoon. The healer saw my face, I had gone into a shock and couldn’t speak and he asked me if I was seeing anything and I nodded my head. Then he said “You may be seeing my guardian angel and then he described him to me, and I couldn’t believe what I had heard. His description matched what I saw, then he went on to tell me he had never seen him himself but a few other people have seen him around him and thats how he knew how to describe him.

Despite my experiences (too many too name here) I would still rationalize everything. I was either hallucinating, mentally unstable etc.

This one knocked me for a six, but it didn’t stop me to eventually try to see logic with it as well. I remember for some time I believed that I had a heightened perception and was reading a memory of this man’s as a consequence I saw it in a visual manner. The ridiculous thing about this belief was I never once thought that someone had to have seen this apparition first to be able to recount it’s image to the healer which blew my theory out of water (they had no memory to read basically if they were the first too see).

The apparition disappeared and we spoke about it for a bit and he wanted to pray for me, which he did by placing his hands on me and about a minute into prayer I felt the most intense heat travel through my hand (he was holding my hand) and shoot through my body. I was definitely not expecting anything like this to occur, he did mention I may feel some tingling or sense of peace etc. He later went into my room and prayed in it blessing it and symbolically making crosses all over the room. That night after turning the light off, my room had all these crosses (like glow in the dark) all over the place. No one else could see it except a friend of mine who came over and felt my room to be different she being unaware of my appointment.

This lasted for some time and peace came over me but with my brother and his spiritual warfare it wasn’t long till the entities returned although now I felt stronger and not as fearful as I was before.

My family began to have prayer groups at our house and one one occasion I saw red writing on the kitchen as though it were blood, I can’t remember the exact wording today but it mentioned either being in hell or living in hell, I went up to the group leader and pulled her aside and asked her to come into the kitchen and I asked her if she saw anything unusual, she immediately looked at the wall and read what I saw, we were the only two in the group that could see it. I felt a sense of relief again that I wasn’t alone in this experience. She brought the group into the kitchen and we prayed and prayed till the words faded, then we went into the family room and continued praying as a group vigilantly, then I felt this presence and heat, I felt a light amongst us and this time several of us felt this and knew this to be the presence of Christ since we called him to help us in prayer, it was an experience again I was too ignore later in the subsequent years.

Another experience I had was what I believed to be a dream at the time. I remember falling into a tunnel and being drawn to this wall of mulit colour light (like a test pattern page they sometimes had on some TV stations once they finished airing). I couldn’t see my body but felt drawn into beyond this screen of multi coloured lights and beyond it was a beautiful man, I felt this sense of joy and love but nothing like how I’ve ever felt it too be, it was beyond description. The next thing I know I’m next to this man both of us smiling at each other experiencing this profound joy, then right before my eyes this young man disappeared and an older man replaced him, I felt a sense of loss with the other man disappearing which was quickly replaced with love and joy again. This man took me through a city and a park. Everything was so vivid, crisp, colors were awesome, I saw colors Ive never seen before. I don’t recall anything of what we talked about, we just seemed to woosh from one place to another instantly. The next place I was was in a place of light and there where a circle of others sitting on the floor awaiting my arrival, this was the only time I recalled some conversation. It was like a counselling session

we took turns to share our experiences. I remember a couple things I said and the group prophecised something to me at the time about my personal life. Then like a flash I was in another area alone with the older man again only this time he had me sitting down as he made me read these huge white pages full of writings. I don’t recall any of it. Before I knew it I was back in the tunnel falling and I awoken with a big gasp for air, feeling totally a loss for words with what I had experienced, it felt so different to other dreams. I had this intense desire to go back to it and that I did, somehow I was falling through the tunnel again and got to the screen but only this time I couldn’t get through and then I was back in the tunnel falling again to awaken. For about a year I kept this dream pretty low key although I told my mum and a girlfriend both believing it to be an extremely vivid dream which helped me not think about it further.

Then this one time (year later approx) I went to the house of a Christian lady who was dying of leukemia. She had a prayer meeting on and I was still experiencing spiritual disturbances at home and felt strongly about having to go to her place. I was still struggling with doubts, still rationalizing and trying to find logic in my experiences, not totally surrendering to Christ, although deeply I wanted to trust him but something within kept fighting back and not allowing me too.

At some point through the evening the hostess asked me if I wanted her to prayer for me and I said “yes” and together her with another lady and my mother started praying over me when the hostess saw an apparition come towards me handing me something (can’t remember exactly what it was) but I do remember her description of the apparition and both mum and I were floored. She had described the older man I saw in my dream a year earlier, his age, coloring, garments worn, hair everything and then said to me I have met him before, he is my guardian angel, my mother’s attitude changed that night.

Eventually something happened the prayers to Christ made those things diminish and fade away. But I again turned away from God and went done an occult road years later. It started of with innocent reading of horoscope, to visiting a psychic to becoming engrossed in astrology and numerology which lead to tarot. I was stupidly naive to realize I opened another door.

I started living of this world, having sexual partners, attracting eventually an abusive husband whom I was blinded to seeing his true colors. During the course of this marriage I began dreaming again prophetically about people, my relationship etc. I ended an abusive marriage based on lies and adultery which was shown to me through dreams and later confirmed in reality.

Eventually all these experiences took there toll and I suffered depression. (I forgot to mention that through out my life I have also experienced hearing God’s voice as well as many premonitions just I was unable to discern what came from who and why.

Then one day I was on the internet and a prayer I had prayed in “hope” of God hearing me was answered buy an random mistake of clicking a link which opened a page at a church in my hometown and country. I knew instantly my prayer was answered but I still thought it could have been coincidence until the next morning when I woke I went to put the kettle on switched on the tv and there was the very same church doing a televised service. It was on a channel we never watch at home and the kids had left it on that channel the night before. My life is marked by signs and wonders although I was blinded and binded to see truth.

Ever since this happened I have accepted Christ into my life sincerely and have been experiencing victories in my life since.

I read the Bible a lot and can feel the Lord working in me, changing me and renewing me, it’s awesome. I have returned to music, and have been writing songs again and look forward to God’s plan for me. I am not perfect and still struggle with some things as we all do, but today I have hopenfaith, Jesus, the father almightly in my life to stay.

I recently had a vision of Christ during worship he held out his arm to me, dressed in white, he was dark olive skinned, black beard and his hair was also dark longish and thick. He wasn’t anything like the pictures I saw him to be as I was a child depicted by Catholic paintings.

My visions and dreams still occur as this is part of my gifting but the difference is I had the Word to shine a light at my feet.

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