Healed of Cancer



In July 1971, at the age of 58, I discovered a lump in my left groin about the size of a large olive. This was diagnosed to be a lymphoma or cancer of the lymphatic system. It was treated with cobalt for a period of 21 days. I continued to have periodic check-ups until early in 1975. As time went on I discovered several nodes in my neck and under my right arm that seemed to be growing. In August, 1977, at the age of 64, a large node was removed from my right armpit. It was diagnosed as a poorly differentiated nodular lymphoma.

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Brain Cancer Healed

May 25, 1995 presented me with quite a surprise — and another of life’s challenges. Confronted with the evidence of a Grade IV malignant brain tumor my experience of life soon changed. Surgery, radiation, and a shortened chemotherapy regimen left me physically and emotionally exhausted. Against my doctor’s wishes, I stopped taking chemotherapy in January 1996. There is no medical “cure” for brain cancer so I set forth seeking a miracle and an opportunity to serve a God that might graciously heal me.

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An Australian healing ministry worth checking out

I heard a report from a friend of mine about John Mellor, an Australian evangelist powerfully used today in healing the sick. I think this is the second time I heard of this man in the last week from two different friends of mine, so I went to check out this website about the healing ministry God gave him. Those of you who are Australians know how few evangelists have survived in this country, and how hard it is to find a man of God who really moves in this realm with a pure heart.

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Child Healed in India

ANDHRA PRADESH, INDIA :– It had almost been a week and Chakrapani and his wife still didn’t know if their one-year-old son would live to see the next day. Fear gripped them every time he would make a whimpering cry—not knowing if that would be his last breath.

One week earlier, while Chakrapani and his wife were outside, their young son mistakenly drank kerosene from a small can in the house. They immediately took him to a hospital, and for three days he was in critical condition.

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Quadraplegic healed by God – William Kent

Giving all the Praise, Honor and Glory unto the Lord through whom this testimony is made possible this eleventh day of November 2000.

Edited this 20thday of December to include the following quote from my Doctor, Dr. Dino Delaportas, MD

"I rejoice in awe of you and the miracles the Lord has performed."

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Divine healing of son in hospital

On January 17, 2001, my 16yr old son went to visit his father out of town, he became very ill with a virus three days later they took him to the er, he went into resiportory heart failure and into a diabetic coma right there in the er.

His blood pressure was below 30, he had the blood gases of a dead person, his blood sugar was 1200. I had gotten the call from his father that I need to get there right away! He told me my sons kidneys was shutting down and it didn’t look like he was going to make it!

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Healed of Asthma, Baptized in the Spirit

Yes God really worked in my life and is still working.

I am now 16 and gave my heart to Jesus when i was 12 years old.

Before I was saved I was a religious person,thinking that i could please God through going to church and living better.
I was living a double life constantly seeking fame in my school , trying to please people.I was molested by older children when I was in grade 2.After that I suffered from guilt an obsessive compulsive behaviour.

My mother was saved 2 years before me and told me about all the miracles she experienced on church camps, all the miracles.Which intere

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