For a long time I would have this pain in my pelvic area and bottom. It began when I was 19yrs old (2006) and it didn’t end until I found the solution to my problem. The pain in my pelvis was bearable at times and I tolerated it for a long time. However, the pain in my bottom would be so sharp, so severe that I cried and couldn’t even sit down. I really felt like I needed to go to the hospital ASAP when I felt that pain, but I couldn’t move. All I could do was lie down on my side and cry. My menstrual cycle was all out of wack. I would bleed for longer periods of time than normal.

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Jesus healed me of severe eczema/dermatitis!

Howdy all! 🙂

My name is Sarah (I’m 17 years old) and I will be sharing my testimony of how the Lord Jesus healed me of my heart-breaking, agonizing eczema. For anyone who has or is going through this awful condition, I pray that my testimony encourages you and strengthens you in your faith and walk with God.

Now, for the testimony!

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Leg Lengthened

My name is Taunya Dowell and I'm 31 years old. I would like to share my testimony with you on the Miraculous Power of my Lord Jesus Christ.

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The Meaning of Fasting and Prayer – by Dr Ja Shil Choi

Christianity is a religion of personal experiences. It is a spiritual movement, not a lot of theories or "isms." It is a movement of life, truth, the Holy Spirit, and love. The important thing is to have a personal, real experience. Through the right relationship with God we can recognize and understand the Lord's will. There are many ways in which we can experience God's blessings. I recommend fasting and prayer as the most powerful of these.

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Healed From HIV

I am giving this testimony, so that many may increase in faith as I did. About three weeks ago I took my child for an HIV test. My Child had been having unprotected sex without my knowledge and I wanted to make sure my Baby was ok. So we went for STD and HIV test just to make sure. Nearly, a week after the test, I recieved the worst call of my life.On my way to work, the Dr. stated that the the HIV test for my child was postive and I needed to take my only child to the infectious disease doctor, I nearly fainted. In an instand my focus and life changed. I went into prayer mode right away.

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1,000 steps versus 1

My parents divorced when my sister and I were too young to understand anything. Listening to my dad’s stories about the past helped me to see, understand, and remember how broken our family and lives were. Me, being me, I was always a goofy kid; I loved joking around, making people laugh, and being different. I have a “weird” personality, but growing up I always wanted to fit in and be “cool” and my definition of being cool was doing what everyone else is doing and being “tough”.

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My Testimony

My testimony begins in Lima , Ohio on August 26, 1973, the day I was born. My mom was not married to my dad, so not having a dad around didn’t help my development.
When I started school I didn’t have many friends. The other children would make fun of me because I didn’t have a dad at home. I can’t even begin to tell you how many fights I got into because of the other children making fun of me.

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Jesus healed me from Black Magic

This is my testimony to the living Lord Jesus Christ which has been long over due but only recently have I realized the importance of a testimony. I belong to a Roman Catholic family (third of five children).

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Gods work – No pain

Hello I’m now a 22 year old girl. Many years ago i started to get stomach pain and it came and left. Soon it started to get worse. And i didn’t go to the doctor because it wasn’t that bad at the beginning. Its just the type of person i am. I don’t eat painkillers unless its really bad. I don’t take medicine unless its really bad. I don’t cry if unless its really bad. So i didn’t go to the doctor because it was pain only a few times and not so often. But it got worse and worse and i couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.

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