Quadraplegic healed by God – William Kent

Giving all the Praise, Honor and Glory unto the Lord through whom this testimony is made possible this eleventh day of November 2000.

Edited this 20thday of December to include the following quote from my Doctor, Dr. Dino Delaportas, MD

"I rejoice in awe of you and the miracles the Lord has performed."

My physician, as evidenced in the enclosed document, has confirmed the miracles I received from the Lord during a Faith and Victory Service at the World Harvest Church with Pastor Rod Parsley delivering the Word on November 5th, 2000.

On Monday the 13th of May 1985 I was involved in a motorcycle v. train accident which resulted in a Closed Head Injury (massive traumatic brain injury), Ruptured Optic Nerve (right eye), and Spinal Injuries. These injuries left me a quadriplegic (no use of my lower extremities and only partial use of my right hand with no feeling on my entire right side) cognitive deficits and short-term memory loss. As you can imagine these injuries were tremendously life changing. However, being a Born Again Christian, as well as having been an Emergency Medical Technician for several years before my accident, I was better situated in overcoming my injuries and moving forward with my life.

Although I was confined to a wheelchair I was able to continue through Him in my education at Salisbury State University, Hagerstown Junior College, and Prince George’s Community College where I was a student in General Studies and Para-Legal Studies.

While attending Salisbury State University in 1987, I became involved in wheelchair sports and excelled in Shooting. Over the next three years God blessed me with 39 Gold Medals, 14 Silver, and 3 Bronze and opportunities to compete in Regional, State, National, International, World Championships, and the 1988 Paralympics in Seoul, South Korea. During this time God also blessed me with 19 National and World Records.

In 1993, while attending Prince George’s Community College, I was blessed in an internship with Judge William D. Missouri the Administrative Judge of the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County (the first such internship in the Para-Legal program).

During the time between 1994 – June 2000, I went through a lot of turmoil in both my personal and professional life and was separated in faith through choice and ignorance – I thought I knew better without the Lord – was I ever wrong. This was perhaps the most destructive time in my life. I attempted suicide twice, lost the love of my life (so I thought), lost a business, and lots of friends.

Finally in July 2000, due to circumstances beyond my control, I was stuck at my Sister-in-Christ’s house with a broken down van. During this time I was lead back to the Lord and magnificent things started happening. I became so full of the Spirit that I lost control and have completely surrendered unto Him. I became active in the Church (The Tabernacle Church of Laurel, MD) and have been working on computers at the church since.

About three weeks before the November 5th service at the World Harvest Church the Lord moved in me that I needed to be in Columbus, Ohio on November 5th. I didn’t know why. I didn’t know anyone in Columbus nor had I ever heard of Pastor Rod Parsley or the World Harvest Church. Then about two weeks later I saw in infomercial about a Dept Burning Service at the World Harvest Church and the fact that the church was located in Columbus, Ohio. The Lord immediately came over me and led me to call the church right then to get the information, which ultimately lead to my being there on November 5th.

On the evening of Thursday, November 2nd I went to service at the Tabernacle Church in Laurel, MD and gave testimony that the Lord had placed it on my heart that I was to go to the World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio and that I was to receive a healing – just what healing I didn’t know as I had several ailments. Pastor Gurley then prayed over me for a healing that manifested the next morning with the feeling being restored to my right hand. Later that Thursday evening Pastor Gurley took an offering in order that my gas be covered to get me to Columbus – otherwise, without this blessing from God, I would not have been able to receive the awesome blessing that the Lord has provided.

Upon arrival at the World Harvest Church I called into the church from the parking lot, on my cell phone to speak with Ed McKee to see if there was some type accommodation that I may freshen up after my more than 400 mile drive. During this conversation I was informed that Ed was not there and that I had called in on the Prayer Line and the offer was extended for prayer. I accepted the offer and during this prayer a burning sensation came over my feet and I knew that the Lord was once again at work in my body and at that point I declared through Him that I would be healed and that I would accept His blessing that would enable me to walk. I revealed this to the prayer partner and asked that she keep an eye out for this miracle and then come shake my hand afterward so that I may meet her and thank her for agreeing in this healing.

During the service at the World Harvest Church on November 5th Pastor Parsley called all those with diabetes to come forward – and while I was up there the Pastor named several other afflictions and during this time I could feel the Lord working on my body and when I went to adjust myself in my wheelchair one of your ushers asked if I was trying to get out of my chair – and before I had a chance to respond the Spirit took control and spoke through me and said "I’m going to jump out of this chair in thirty seconds" – well guess what? – in thirty seconds I was standing for the first time in 15 ½ years. The ushers then asked if I could walk – I didn’t know – after all this was the first I had stood in 15 ½ years – I took a few steps forward and back and they asked if I could walk up the steps and I replied "lets ask the Lord" – and with that the Lord walked me up the steps onto platform (stage) on which the pulpit stands.

Before I entered the World Harvest Church that evening I tested my blood sugar and it as 470 without insulin for the prior three days. After I returned to my seat in the witness of the ushers and God Himself I tested my Blood sugar again – it as 128: Praise God!!!

And the healing hasn’t stopped. After returning to Laurel I called Pastor Gurley to inform him of the awesome miracles and ask that I be allowed to go into the sanctuary at the Tabernacle Church to give Praise and Worship unto Him for what He had provided in me and for the many others to see the miracles that they may also be blessed and renewed in Faith.

Prior to going into the sanctuary that morning, Pastor Gurley prayed over my eye and by the power of God flowing through him the patch came off. Praise God!!! The optic nerve damage in that eye was healed and I have limited vision out of my right eye. I still need prayer to clear up a cataract which has formed in that eye over the years but I put all my Faith and Trust in Him that this condition will also come to pass.

On Sunday, November 10th, God anointed a service at The Tabernacle Church (a packed house I may add) through which the miracles were unveiled in a dramatic way giving Praise, Honor, and All the Glory unto Him through Jesus Christ. His blessing which was bestowed unto me was then released and poured out over the congregation at The Tabernacle Church as He restored and renewed His Faith in His followers – it was absolutely awesome to be witness to His Awesome Power!!!

In a recent conversation with the Lord, He revealed to me that He has performed a supernatural healing in restoring me in which man is unable and that know I am to seek man to restore that which he is able and may we all be blessed in the gifts He has provided in all.

In the meantime be blessed and relax in the Spirit of the Lord and I am looking forward to God blessing the masses through the blessing that He has bestowed upon me as I follow His directive to go forth and spread the Word and demonstrate the awesome power of the Lord as He has provided in me.

In Christ, may all be blessed.

William A. Kent

P.O. Box 59

Cascade, MD 21719


717-860-9772 (cell)

I invite you to build a faith community together with me. Join my social media channels and let’s connect, especially if you want freedom or fullness in Christ.

My Telegram has a ministry channel. On Tiktok I have many videos and new ones regularly.

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