John Edwards Goes Out

I was driving to work just like any usual day, feeling quite good about my car because I’d just had the motor reconditioned, the air-conditioner restored and a sound system with graphic equalizer installed.

Then unexpectedly God spoke to me, “…give it away…”

I ignored the thought and kept driving. But it came again: “Give it away.”

“Ok Lord – I’ll give it away on the weekend,” I said.

“No – after work today will be fine,” He replied. And I knew who I had to give it to.

Then when I got to work, the Lord started speaking to me again.

“Its time you gave notice in your job.”

“What do you want me to do Lord?” I asked.

Just then He showed me a picture of Australia with pathways criss-crossed all over it.

“Just go wherever I tell you to go, and preach the Gospel,” He said.

“How am I going to live without an income? I’m not going to chuck in a perfectly good job and go on the dole, or become another statistic on the unemployment figures,” I said.

“You won’t have to. Just trust me – I’ll provide everything,” He replied.

So I gave notice in my job and then, after work, I drove to my friend’s house who I felt led to give my car to.

I knocked on his door – but he wasn’t home.

“Well there you go,” I thought, “this wasn’t God, after all.”

And I was just going to go home and forget the whole thing.

“Pity about the job – but atleast I’ve still got the car,” I thought.

So I got back in my car – but it wouldn’t start!

Slightly annoyed, I popped the bonnet and got out to try and find the problem. And while I was delayed, my friend returned home.

“Oh John, what are you doing here?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know!” I thought. I didn’t quite know how to tell him I was there to give him my car, so I said nothing about it.

He invited me in, and the first thing he said to me was, “John, my wife and I have been praying – we’re really asking God to give us a car.”

That was so good to hear! (A confirmation). So I threw him the keys and said, “She’s all yours then.”

He thought I was only joking and threw the keys back.

“I’m not joking – you’ve been praying for a car – so its yours!” And I threw him the keys again.

“Very funny,” he said, and handed me back the keys.

Eventually I said, “Look. Come out to the car. I’ll need to show you a few things.” I took him out to the car and let him sit in it. “You are joking aren’t you?” he looked up at me.

And I caught a bus and train home.

I gave all my money away and was about to sell my house and pay-off the loan and give away whatever money was left from that as well, but the Lord stopped me. Keep the house, He said. That meant I had to come up with the money every week to maintain the loan repayments – from the only source of faith. But I told the Lord if I ever missed one repayment on the house, I was going back to work.

Next, God showed me four towns to go to, and he told me to take 5 weeks to do it. The only problem was, I didn’t know anybody in three of these towns, no-body knew I was coming, I didn’t know where I would stay, if I’d get to preach anywhere and where on earth I’d get money from.

But the time came where I just had to step-out in faith and go. I was really looking forward to proving literally the scripture:

“Provide neither gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purses, nor scrip for your journey, neither two coats, neither shoes, nor yet staves: for the workman is worthy of his meat” (Matt.10:9-10)

I packed a tent, a sleeping bag and went, leaving all behind.

The next morning, in the town of Esk, Queensland, Australia, I thought, “Well, I may as well go witnessing.” And the very first person I spoke to, invited me to stay in their home. It took no time and people were starting to get saved and filled with the Holy Ghost.

Next I heard about an Assembly of God in the area, so I contacted the pastor and he invited me to share to his youth group. People got saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. So he invited me to preach in his church as well. By the time I was due to go to the next town, I had been given clothes, shoes, groceries and all my needs.

While preparing to leave, I thought, “I’d really like a pair of brown, leather lace-up shoes to go with these jeans.”

I got a lift to the next town I was meant to go to, Coominya, by one of the members. While I stood there wondering where to go and what to do next, two people approached me and said, “Hi! So good to see you! We’ve been waiting for you.”

I couldn’t remember meeting them before. “Don’t worry – you don’t know us,” they said, “but we know you! The Lord showed us your face in a vision, and told us you’d be wearing a red shirt and that you’d be coming soon and that we are to look after you when you arrive. Where are you staying?” I had a bright red shirt on that day.

So to my relief, God provided a place for me to stay. Then they asked, “By the way, what size shoe do you wear?”

“Size 8 – why?”

They burst out laughing. The lady sent her daughter to the house, then she came back saying, “Here try these on.” They were a pair of brown, leather, lace-up shoes – just what I’d asked for – and they fitted me perfectly.

And the lady said that she was shopping a few weeks earlier and saw those shoes in the shop. The Lord said, “Buy them.”

“What for Lord?” she asked, “No-one in my family can wear that size.”

“Because someone’s coming soon, and when he does, you’re to give them to him, and look after him when he arrives.”

In this way, God had prepared my way and provided all my needs.

Before I left home, I wanted to take a guitar, but the Lord said no, it would be provided. My father said I’d need new shoes, but I said no, the Lord will provide.

One day I walked into a house to visit some unsaved people. I noticed a guitar leaning against the wall. I picked it up and began to sing that song
To get a touch from the Lord is so real. Well the lady of the house began to cry. With tearsm welling up in her eyes she received Jesus!

“I want you to have that guitar. Wherever you go, sing for the Lord – and remember me.”

Well the little country town began to hear that this hardened lady had not only accepted a preacher into her home but that she’d also given something away, and they were amazed.

I arrived in the town of Laidley where again I knew nobody, but God began to open doors for me to preach, and just 2 hours later I was standing behind the pulpit of the Uniting Church. People were filled with the Spirit including an elder of the church who spoke in tongues.

I got to speak in High Schools, and word got around about the healings that occurred.

All my needs were met, and I didn’t have to spend one cent of my own money.

In the town of Boonah, I hired a Catholic hall and advertised revival meetings in the local paper.

That was my first trip. God provided all my needs, and I never had to spend one cent of my own money. Since then I never missed one repayment on my house and God has taken me to many places far and near. “Go and Serve the Lord,” He said. He’s been faithful to open more doors than I could imagine.

John Edwards

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