Prophetic Dream Concerning America

"A Recent Dream: Prophetic Warning to America, from an Apostolic Pastor"
by Vicki O'Neal on Friday, February 24, 2012 at 6:52am ·
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Real Visions of Jesus

Let me start off telling you that I have always believed in God though I never went to church. I cant say that I really knew who Jesus was. Since january of 2012 I wanted the God apart of my life. I started going to church. The beginning of June I went to prayer. I didnt know how to pray. This was all new to me. The pastor had decided that those who needed prayer would sit in the center of the circle we had formed with our chairs. There was about 8 or 9 of us there. One first guy who needed prayer because of his arthritis was in the center of the circle.

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Testimony of Heaven & Hell & the Condition of Today’s Church – by Rodolfo Acevedo

Evangelist Rofoldo Acevedo was taken to Heaven & Hell by Jesus and told to testify of what he saw. It is quite an amazing testimony. In short, he was shown what happens in Hell to prostitutes, abortionists, unfaithful ministers, and saw the Jehovah’s Witnesses founder in torment. In Heaven he saw: the bridal dress, wedding supper, crowns, and shares the urgent call to preach the right message. He was also told the condition of today’s church with some unfaithful ministers, idolatry, unholy acts and unholy music in the church, and also saw the faithful holy remnant in the church.

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Dream in May 2012 about compromise with Islam

I had a dream just before I awoke one morning a few days ago. There was a group of people who were officiating a marriage between a moslem man, who looked very Arabic and a European-looking woman in a red dress. The woman looked sad, confused and as though she was being bullied somehow into the marriage. She was too timid to say anything and stood there obediently but did not move toward the man. The man signed the marriage papers and then he got up and turned to the officials and said, “It is no good-I can’t get her to even stand near me!” Then I awoke.

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Seeing the Lord while nearly dying

Hello to all. All I can say is Wow God is great! He is my testimony
and it is truly one of a kind just like everyone’s personal walk with
our Lord.

In Novemebr 2007 The Lord personally revealed himself to me in a life
changing way and it took just that to scare me straight! This
incident is still difficult for me to talk about but it’s on my heart
to do so and it’s for HIS GLORY (and a true story of faith/hope).

God chose this moment, this way, under these dark circumstances to
reveal himself to me? I am/was a prideful/hard headed/45 year old man

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Son of Muslim priest has vision of Christ

My Name is Bilal, My father was a Muslim priest who taught students Quran all his life. I grew up memorizing the Quran and studying it under my father. When my father suddenly died I was 14 years old, I was chosen as his replacement to become the teacher of the holy book. As I was being prepared to take on my father’s job, I also attended college. There I met a student who befriended me. After a few months he told me that he had something very important to share with me. He took out a small booklet called the 4 Spiritual Laws and started to read it to me. I argued that I was not sinful.

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