Real Visions of Jesus

Let me start off telling you that I have always believed in God though I never went to church. I cant say that I really knew who Jesus was. Since january of 2012 I wanted the God apart of my life. I started going to church. The beginning of June I went to prayer. I didnt know how to pray. This was all new to me. The pastor had decided that those who needed prayer would sit in the center of the circle we had formed with our chairs. There was about 8 or 9 of us there. One first guy who needed prayer because of his arthritis was in the center of the circle. The pastor had informed us that if we felt we wantedd to put our hands on him to do so. We began praying for him and an innrer voice repeatedly told me to ” Touch Him” I didnot touch him. I continued to scoot my chair up towards him each time I heard the inner voice say ” Touch Him” but I never touched him. (note I never knew what I know now) After we prayed for him I sat in the circle. I began to tell the church that I felt people did not understand. That they make you feel like your losing your mind because you want to talk about the lord . I remember feeling like I was going to cry. I was confused. After we prayed for each other I felt relieved as if my worries had lifted. A woman came over to me . I had never seen her before at the church. She was not a member of the church. Her boyfriend was a member. She said to me ” May I give you a message” I admit I was alittle hesitant. As I said this was all new to me. I then told her to go on and give me the message. The woman said to me that while everyone was praying for me she saw an image or something around me. She asked me if I had done any ministering. I informed her that I had a non profit organization for children. She told me that she saw me give a woman a bible. She described the woman as having long hair. I asked myself of how did this woman know that. The day before she gave me the message I had given a woman with long hair a bible. I remember the night I had given the bible to the woman before I went to bed I prayed to god and asked him of what he wanted me to do. He answered my prayers by sending the woman to give me the message of ministering.

All week long it bothered me that I did not touch the church member. It really bothered me. So the following sunday while at church I took him to the side and held his hands and prayed for him. Even though I felt I didnt know how to pray. This may sound alittle strange but I had been feeling like I had power to heal. I was feeling this strongly as I was learning about Jesus. On June 30th 2012 I prayed to the Lord that night to give me strenght. I was going to be baptized the next day July 1, 2012 and I didnt know how to swim. I was afraid of the beach water. On the day of my baptism during communion I saw Jesus Christ. I placed the bread into my mouth and the pastor begin praying. I sat down and as soon as I shut my eyes I saw a light blue as if I was viewing the sky and my vision continue to move and I then saw Jesus . He stood there in an awesome white powerful robe. A whiteness that was powerful. His hair was a dark dark brown which hung inches past his shoulders. Jesus stood with his arms and hands stretched outward . He was not faced me so I cannot say what his face look like. My eyes began to wander in the vision and It seem as though he stood on a mountain but I could not see the peak of the mountain . Or he was standing in a garden I dont know but it was not of this age. My eyes were directed to some beautiful brown like stones or rocks which were colorful brown. They were wedged in what I feel was a mountain. There was green plants covering it with blueish in color. If you have ever seen a movie in 3D that is how this vision was. It was peaceful where he was standing and I could only see the back of him. It never took me to ground level to see his feet or I dont recall seeing his hands only that his arms were stretch out from side to side and he was looking outward as if he was on the top of something looking at everything below and I was watching as if I came up behind him. I opened my eyes because I was startled . I never expected that. I begin to cry for about 30 minutes. The pastor prayed with me. Then 30 minutes later we were off to the beach to be baptized. I remember thee lifeguard coming over to us informing us that stingrays were out. I think I was startled by that but when it was my time to go out in the water. I wasnt afraid. I remember the only words that came out of my mouth while walking in the water towards my pastor was ” Oh Lord” Oh Lord ….I was so happy afterwards because even the stingrays sat still. On July 15 2012 I was baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire. As I stood there and three people including my pastor prayed over me. I began to fill heat against my right thigh. I just felt that I wanted to put my hands up and I did. I then felt it go up to my neck. Again this was new to me and I love the lord so I am going with the flow. About 2 days later and continuing since then everrytime I pick up my bible and read which is extremely often and everytime I speak of the lord and the gospel I get this warm feeling inside. A warm physical feeling. Everytime I pick my bible up or speak about the lord. I feel it now. I always tell the lord that I love him with all my heart and soul. On July 24th I before I went to bed I was saying ” Jesus where are you. Appear to me” You make me smile. All of a sudden I saw a pocket like a pocket on a shirt and on the pocket it was written in embroidery and in cursive ” I love you with all my heart” I didnt catch it until 5 seconds later. I said hey thats what I say to Jesus. The first week of August 2012 I was going to Mcdonalds and I saw a man sitting on the ground in front of Mcdonalds. I started asking him of what was wrong with him. ” He replied ” I dont know whats wrong with me. I remember telling him to pray about it and ask Jesus for whatever he wanted and he would get it. ” He replied I believe that. Now the man I gave him some change because he sat there and people past over him. The next day I saw the man again inside Mcdonalds. I shook his hand. I left out and went to the store down the street. On my way back I saw him sitting on the ground in front of Mcdonalds. He said to me ” Hey” Look what you done did to me” I was startled I thought I did something. Then he said” You done put this smile on my face. You see when you love the lord its not that I put a smile on his face. We both were rewarded because he put a smile on my face and gave me more faith to step out and touch someone or do what it was I had been to shy to do but felt so powerful at through the lord. Everyone passed this man up but he put a smile on my face as well. The lord as answered all my prayers I can go on and on . He has delievered me from m y homosexual life. I remember after my baptism I questioned him about that telling him that there were homosexual who praise his name and love him. No matter what I said it always pointed at sexual immorality. Finally I just heard an innrer voice and it pretty much said to me. ” DO as I say do. Follow my word. He delievered me and I love him so much with all my heart and soul. I no longer submit to the bondage yet I live with the lord and the Lord lives within me

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