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Relationship Restored

Its amazing how we remember God, when we face troubles.. and troubles are one way of becoming more close to God. I told myself that i would publish my testimony, after God answers my prayers. I will try to give a detailed account of what happened in my life last December.

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THY GRACE- Testimony given on Yahoo Answers

What do you believe, is the aspect of your christian life that is most attacked by the enemy?
Reading the Word.
Blending with other believers.
Your testimony.
Your stand.
Your desire for things of the Lord.
Your love for the Lord.
Your pursuing seeking heart to run the race set before you.

These are just a few that come to mind. For me it would be the first two because I find that once my feeding and drinking is affected, I get weakened and it impacts on all the others that follow.

So my question is this.

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Myanmar Orphan becomes Preacher and starts Orphanage

I was born in animist family from Laymyo Dai community in 1985. My grandfather led me into Christianity when I was a child. By this way I spent several years without knowing who God is. I did not realize that I was a sinner before God and need the forgiveness of sin by the Lord Jesus Christ through accepting and believing in Him. In 1990, at the age of five year old, I faced a broken family by divorcing my lovely parent. Then I became a fatherless child along with my sister and brother.

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THY GRACE- Was I not with the heart of “Pharaoh”?

Praise The Lord once again for the wonders He did in my life. Here, I wish to narrate one of it which I took very lightly that time but proved to be His Grace only.
I enlisted in the army as a soldier in the year 1963 at par with my educational qualification which was not at my satisfactory level. My eager was to study more and I got a chance to join The Army Education College to specialize in foreign languages, that too in Chinese (Mandarin). I found myself hard-working to attain a better standard and in my completion of graduation I attained the top level in the same.

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