Relationship Restored

Its amazing how we remember God, when we face troubles.. and troubles are one way of becoming more close to God. I told myself that i would publish my testimony, after God answers my prayers. I will try to give a detailed account of what happened in my life last December.
I had a close friend ( lets call him A )whom I have known for the last 3.6 yrs, and last December (2011), we had a few misunderstandings. I relied on human beings to sort things out, instead of crying at the feet of the lord. That was the mistake that I made. Sometimes we think that its a very small problem and we can sort it out by ourselves. Thats wrong, and thats what exactly I did. Satan needs a chance to play havoc with our lives. Even my problem was very very small. I had some issues with my friend, and i wanted to patch up and I relied on a common friend. This common friend was working as a legal officer in a reputed company, and knew all the big people in town. I asked him to help in patching up the differences between me and my closed friend. So he intervened and used our differences to his advantage. He was a legal officer, and he took money from me by black mailing me. I belong to Hyderabad, and I was staying in Bangalore for the sake of my joke, and as I was a non-localite, this legal officer, used his power and position to threaten me and take money from me. He brain washed my close friend and made our differences even bigger. And He took money from him as well. He made me look like a villain infront of my friend and my friend believed him completely. This legal officer was getting benefitted because of our differences. At one point of time, i lost all hope in life. I lost my peace of mind, and was not even performing well in my office due to the personal tension that I was facing. I tried calling up my friend and talking to him clearly, but he was not in a position to listen to me at all, because the legal officer has brain washed him completely. This legal officer was like a Jerico wall between me and my friend. At no point of time, was I willing to let go our relationship. I realised that PRAYER is the only solution to break down this Jerico walls. I called up few prayer warrior friends. I cried out to God even during my sleep. Reconciliation with my dearest friend was the ONLY thing in my mind, day and night. I used to bug the prayer warriors with my prayer requests. And I felt that this was a God given chance for me to grow stronger in prayer. I tried getting few books on prayer, and tried visiting few Christian websites too. It was then that I came across this beautiful testimony written by Sis. Crystal on this website. When I went through the testimony, i felt that the situation was more or less similar to mine. I read this testimony umpteen times, and every time I read this testiomy, I felt stronger and stronger. I am sure, this would benefit you also. The URL of Sis.Crystal’s testimony is:

I used to read Crystal’s testimony and cry out to God saying, “O Lord God, who heard Crystal’s cries and united her with her husband, please unite me with my dear friend. Melt his heart and let him see the reality. Melt his heart and create forgiveness towards me”. Literally I used to cry every day and night. I used to keep my friend’s photo near to my heart and cry out to Lord. Sometimes, it used to look like a never ending journey for me. Days were passing by, but the answer from Lord seemed very distant from me. At times, a pinch of doubt used to rise in my heart. I used to go to the wash room in my office, and cry out to Jesus. Then God has given me a promption to start fasting prayer. Since I am working in a software company, and taking frequent leaves was not possible, I used to fast from evening 6PM till the next morning. I did like that for almost a week.
I tried meeting my friend in the last week of March, 2012 but his heart was still hard for me. I came home dejected. THE ONLY AND ONLY HOPE IN THIS WORLD that I had was prayer. So I woke up on the morning of April 22, and as usual even before I could fully open my eyes and get up from bed, I prayed to God Jesus to soften my friend’s heart. I said the prayer and went into the washroom, and there was a knock on my front door. I opened the door and didn’t believe my eyes at what I saw. It was my friend, for whom I have been praying for more than 3 months. What a joy it was. You may not get result for your prayer immediately. But be assured that no prayer will go unanswered. If you sow a seed and water it daily, the tree would definitely come up. But if you dig the ground every second day, out of doubt, to see if the seed started germinating or not, you are definitely spoiling everything with your own hands. It takes 9 months even for the baby to come out of mother’s womb. You may not see the baby in your hands, in the 2nd month of pregnancy itself, but it doesn’t mean that the baby is not there. It take time. All that you have to do is wait upon the LORD without a pinch of doubt, and God will wipe away all your tears.
I can say proudly that there is no such prayer of mine that GOD has not answered. HE has answered all my prayers, and the same way he will answer your prayers too. All that you have to do is believe, and you will receive the miracle.
All praise be to our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ and his holy name.

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