Pray for Us

Pray When we step out in the ministry of spreading God’s Word, we need faithful prayer supporters. Even the apostle Paul kept asking the churches

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How I Got Started in Ministry – by Michael Fackerell

From the end of 1985 until the end of 1987 I was involved in helping pioneer a ministry called Students for Christ in the state of New South Wales. This ministry continued until early 1999 when the leaders of the Assemblies of God movement in New South Wales decided they wanted to organise campus ministry differently, and be more local church based. There was a tremendous anointing on this ministry, especially in the early years. I can't say much about later on because I was not so involved.

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Ministering Around the World

A chronicle of some of the site author's life and ministry activities over the years.

Ministering in Romania

I had received a number of prophecies that God would send me around the world to preach the gospel, with power, signs and wonders. These prophecies have begun to be fulfilled in the last 8 years.

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Healings In Romania

On the first Sunday in April I was taken by a brother to a certain community
not far from Bucharest. There I was given the opportunity to preach the
Word of God. I shared about the Kingdom of God, pointing out that this
was the message of good news that Jesus brought. Jesus taught it and also
demonstrated the reality of the Kingdom by healing the sick and casting
out demons.

In substance my message was: there is much injustice in this world,
but God has invaded this world with a new order. God comes when invited,
so we need to pray.

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Michael Fackerell

Personal Testimony of Michael Fackerell

Though very familiar with the Bible and believing myself a Christian, it wasn’t until much later that my life was truly changed by turning to Christ. Includes details of how I was filled with the Holy Spirit for the first time and what a difference that made to me. This is the first part of my story. Living with Jesus Christ means the adventure continues and something new is always happening!

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What We Believe

My wife and I, are
evangelical believers who believe in the present day operation of the power
of God towards those who believe, as described in the New Testament. We seek
to focus on Jesus Christ, believing Him to be truly the Son of God and the only
true Savior of mankind. We acknowledge the authority of the Scriptures as being
superior to the authority of any religious leader or church – yet we do not
claim that our current understanding of the Scripture is correct in every

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