Ministry Activities We Need Support For

Here are Some of the Things I Would Like to Be Financially Free to Do More

Improving this Website Outreach

People write to us and tell us they are helped. We would like to do more. We would like to pray more for others, and minister more. All this takes time.

With more time redeemed, we can invest in SEO and improving the presentation of this website. In 2012 we were reaching upwards of 5000 people a day or more. At June, 2018 the site was reaching around 3000 people a day.  Currently, in January 2019, the site is only reaching 1000-1500 people per day without regular content creation. Maybe this is because more content is out there now. Maybe this is because I have some articles with conservative moral viewpoints which popular search engines will subtly penalise and degrade the site with. We cannot say for sure. But more work means more people helped with the Word of God.

In 2018 I conceived of and got the coding started on which is a social network just for prayer. This ministry is running with about 210 users. It has huge potential but it needs funding for continued development and maintenance.

Philippines Trips

In September, 2018 the Lord used me once again the Philippines. There were hundreds of people in schools who not only received a Gideon’s New Testament, they also prayed to receive Jesus and testified to receiving assurance that God had forgiven their sins through Jesus Christ. Scores of people were also responding to Christ in a College of Criminology in Sorsogon. Students there testified to being instantly healed of diverse conditions including painful toothaches, leg problems and back problems. In churches people were healed (so they said some weeks afterwards), and in some churches most of them received their prayer language as they asked to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. It was a powerful time.

In 2015, Michael saw hundreds of students and government workers reach out to Christ for salvation in meetings. Many were also healed publicly as a sign of God’s Kingdom power.

Your support means I can do multiple trips, follow students up and more. Truly the workers who have the faith to do these kinds of works are few. Your support could mean thousands more students coming to the Lord. Please bear in mind that the support I need to raise includes the support I need to maintain my family in Australia. That is the main expense. The rest of it just costs about $1000 + $500 per week let’s say. In these kinds of trips it is expected that you at least cover your own living expenses so as not to be a burden to your hosts.

Writing Articles / Making Videos

Your support will enable Michael and Marilena to spend more time praying and writing helpful articles to bless the Body of Christ. We also want to make more videos that glorify the Lord. We have the equipment and the place, all we need is the available time to do it.

Australian Evangelistic Work

There is a great need today to equip Australian believers with tools and confidence to share the gospel with people they may reach out to. We have such tools and we have begun in partnership with our own local church to do just this. But there are many other churches in Australia that would be open to such training. Sadly not all churches are currently ready to financially support this kind of activity in our country, as they do not yet have the vision for it. Your support can help impart evangelistic zeal to the Australian churches.

TV Broadcasting

Having helped many others to broadcast on Christian TV using channels we founded in 2005 and 2015 respectively, we believe we ourselves should also broadcast on TV. Please contact us if you would like to contribute to this project.

Please consider Joining Hands With Us

While waiting for God’s provision, I work as a substitute teacher and a tutor in Queensland, Australia. This is fine, but no matter what anyone says, it takes me away from praying, preparing messages, fasting, going to hungry souls with the gospel and bringing in the harvest where it is plentiful. Some people will say “Just reach out in Australia in your workplace.” I can tell you that if I did this with children. I would lose my job as a school teacher in Australia. Also staff are very busy even during breaks and only very few show signs of hunger when you talk with them. The level of hunger and religious freedom in Australia cannot compare with most developing nations in the world. Ministering on the internet of course connects you with hungry people, but in order to meet the spiritual needs of others, you need to invest time in seeking God through prayer, fasting and meditation on the Word first. You can’t do this as effectively if you can’t focus on it. If this isn’t true, why are the churches not exploding with growth throughout the western world?

I would love to be funded to take time to get hold of God and minister to hungry souls on the internet, people needing deliverance from depression, fear and more. So I make myself available to God, but at this stage in life I need a sign of financial provision before I assume that my family’s needs will be met without me devoting 40-50 hours a week to providing for my family in paid teaching work from the government or private individuals. The more people respond to God’s invitation to partner with me, the more I can drop the casual work that I do to meet my first responsibility to my family.

And that would be great.


I invite you to build a faith community together with me. Join my social media channels and let’s connect, especially if you want freedom or fullness in Christ.

My Telegram has a ministry channel. On Tiktok I have many videos and new ones regularly.

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