Young Children will see visions and are seeing them

Our Beautiful Daughter Has Her Spiritual Eyes Opened

27th October, 2019:

From Marilena:

This morning God did a major work in Christina at church. It was totally unexpected. On the way to church in the car, she said to us: ‘Mum, I really want to know what is God’s mission for my life, because I don’t want to waste my life doing something that is not His plan. At least if I know what it is, I can start doing it right away.” 

I realized God was at work, so I told her I will take her for prayer before the beginning of the service where the prophetic team ministers to see what God might say to her. 

We went and she started to tell them what she wants. One of them started to cry, the other was amazed. They started to pray for her and prophecy many things that God will do in and through her. 

At the end, Christina said: Now I know that God will be with me and I can be God’s friend!

I felt God told me: I want you to take her with you when you prophesy at the prophetic ministry that you recently joined on the team, and train her. Michael then opens his mouth and says: Mari, you have to take her with you at the prophetic ministry you recently joined on the team and disciple her in the prophetic. Wow! I certainly will!

We went in our seats for the start of the service. During the long worship time, Christina interrupted me 9 times to tell me she had a vision or she heard something from God. It’s one of the only times I did not mind being interrupted during worship! In the first vision she saw Jesus come and talk with her. 

When we came home, we went to Officeworks and as Christina got out of the car, a Gospel tract fell out of the car. She took that as God speaking to her to give this out to someone in Officeworks. She asked me: Mum, I want to do this, but what do I say? I told her to say: I would like to give this to you. It has a really important message. She looked around the shop and decided to give it to the checkout person. She took it and said to her she will read it later. Christina felt so happy! 

Now, she has a new notebook we bought her so she can record what she hears from God. She is only 9 but she wrote down the visions she saw and what she heard from God. 

Left speechless …

These were my 9 year old daughter Christina’s visions this morning in church:

Her first vision was that she was in a dark room on her knees and Jesus came to her in an all white dress with beard and told her: Don’t worry, I forgive you. And then He helped her up from where she was. She sensed that God was showing her that He will give her the strength and lift her up against sin in her life.

Second vision: She saw people sitting in front of her, 2 by 2 in many such groups and she was praying for them. Right at the back, a family was there with a sick girl. They asked Christina if she would pray for their daughter to get healed. She did and the daughter was healed and was filled with God’s spirit, joy and very happy.

Third vision: She saw a dark room with a heart that was broken in two, hanging only from the bottom. Then she heard a click sound and the 2 parts of the heart came together and became one piece. She understood that God wants to heal broken hearts.

Fourth vision: She was getting dressed with the armour of God, then she saw a war going on, then she saw a large sword that came right into her chest trying to kill her, but she was fine.

Fifth vision: She had a cup which represented her heart. She was holding it out and God was pouring into it and filling it with His words. Then she took the cup and poured those words into other people’s cups, so she understood that God will speak to her and she will be speaking words from God into other people’s hearts which she will receive from God.

Sixth vision: There was a cloud and a bad storm, raining, thunderstorm, and she was under that but there was an umbrella that was protecting her and she knew that umbrella was God protecting her from the devil and all his traps, tricks, hurts

Seventh vision: She saw waves of love coming towards her and God was trying to drown her in a sea of love.

There may have been others but these are the ones Marilena posted after hearing Christina tell her.

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