There are so many promises that the Word of God makes to people who are obedient to God. Why would we want to settle for what the disobedient can get? In the best case, it won’t match what God promises to the obedient!

If you evaluate the promises of God to the obedient in the Psalms alone (let alone the gospels), you might ask: “Is the church of Jesus Christ being obedient to the LORD and His Word? Why are the results often not there?”

Well, are we loving like Jesus said to love? Are we believing like Jesus said to believe? Are we praying like Jesus said to pray? Are we forgiving and giving like Jesus told us to? Are we making disciples like Jesus told us to? Are we teaching people to obey Jesus’ commands?

Why look for some deep teaching in cases where it may be obvious that we just aren’t even being intentional about doing the things that should be plain and obvious?

If you are bound by demons and find yourself unable to obey, seek deliverance. Don’t blame it on the flesh. Jesus didn’t say, “Teach them to obey all things except when their flesh doesn’t feel like doing it.”