Why Do I Need to Receive Jesus as Lord and Master?

It is necessary to receive Jesus as Lord. Why is this? Why can’t people just be saved from their problems and forgiven (if there is a need for this) while still maintaining the attitude that they will do as they please?

Firstly, we need to realize that doing as we please without regard for the will of God got us all into a lot of problems until now. It ruined things for Adam and his descendants and the more we do it the worse it gets, because Satan can take advantage of every time we disregard God’s instructions.

There are two spiritual kingdoms. These kingdoms are really there whether we want them to be or not. There is Satan’s kingdom – and the Kingdom of God. No third option. Jesus is King in the Kingdom of God (working together with the Father). Satan is king over all the children of pride according to the Bible. When you go into sin Satan has a legal right to you. Unless you receive Jesus as Lord, He doesn’t have any right to take you as His own. God has given you free will and God respects that.

Now I think it is true that if anyone really understood how GOOD Jesus is, how GOOD the Father is, there would not be any motivation to disobey. People would come to Jesus. But to the extent that we don’t have a clear picture of God’s goodness, we can be deceived. The Bible says that Satan has blinded people’s eyes so they can’t see the gospel (2 Corinthians 4:4). We then think that rebelling against God in some things we don’t understand or don’t feel good about would be better for us. But it is better to trust God.

There are some things we are supposed to do that don’t FEEL good right away – so unless we trust God, we won’t be inclined to do them. Not only that, but some people’s view of God is so twisted – because of lies from demons that they believe – they actually end up hating God and wanting to hurt Him. But the truth is God loves us – the Father loved us so much He gave Jesus. And Jesus loved us so much that He gave Himself to die and even be tortured for us – just so we could be forgiven, restored, brought out of Satan’s Kingdom and brought into God’s Kingdom. Jesus settled all the legal claims of Satan against us by dying in our place. That is love.

People who are given to sin are in Satan’s Kingdom (1 John 3).  A child of God may still sin at times, but they don’t have a heart commitment to the principle of sin and rebellion. They have a heart commitment to God and God’s love. They choose to walk by faith and trust God, even if they do that imperfectly. Over time, the child of God gets set free from all sin and sins. Deliverance from evil spirits is usually a part of that also.

So if you don’t have that trust in God yet, why don’t you open your heart and trust Him? God loves you. He gave you many good things to enjoy. True, the devil has messed up a lot of things in this world, and even in our own lives down to our DNA I would even say – but we can still be redeemed by God. God can and will make something beautiful out of your life if you will respond to His love. In the age to come, God will make all things perfect – even in our bodies. We have that hope (Romans 8:23). Just as Jesus rose from the dead physically with a perfect body that is both physical and spiritual, so will we.

Make an application for asylum! Come out of the devil’s kingdom. Come into God’s Kingdom. Come into God’s embassy (a gathering of believers), turn away from your sins and put your trust in Jesus. Jesus died for you. He suffered for you. He paid a price for you because of His love for you. He thought you were worth it, too. 

You need to receive Jesus as Lord because God has a Kingdom and those who reject God can’t be with God.  Sin separates people from God. The only way to be saved from sin is to reconnect with God through Jesus Christ. There has to be that heart connection with Jesus. That is God’s purpose. It is not just about giving up some (possibly) pleasurable sins. When you reconnect with God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit comes into your life, you will not continue to WANT the sins you think are so great, because you will find that Jesus satisfies your soul. If God is speaking to you, respond to God and you will feel and know that God is good.

 If you want to do this, start talking to Jesus. Don’t put it off. Ask Him to save you. You can use your own words. Go after Him.

If you do this, please write to me so I can encourage you in your Christian life.


Michael Fackerell

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