My Testimony

when i was a teenager and i lived in Hendersonville Tennessee, and i wasn’t a christian then God had a plan for me but at the time i didn’t know it because i didn’t know who God was back then. because if it wasn’t for me being bullied like i was i would of never sought God in my life. Because for years i disliked all of them for what they did to me. But they just didn’t know God used them for his awesome plan for my life and that was to get me into church to be christian like i am now. I thought those’s days where my darkness days of my life thinking back. i was bullied in high school for 3 long year but now that i look back i know God was there the whole time. i went to school being depressed and i had sucuide thoughts but never went through with them because ever time i thought about it something stoped me. i have had mental illness since high school like 16 or 17 years old. thank you Jesus for always being there and protecting me durning my darkest hours of my life. i just needed to share this and let everyone know how Great is our God! and how he is there in your darkest time of your life this is my witness to Christ. he was there when i didn’t think anyone was there and he was even protecting me and i wasn’t even a christian back then. how awesome is that thank you Jesus for loving me and protecting me