What Muslims Really mean by “Peace”

Muslims tell us that Islam is really a “religion of peace”.

Don’t be fooled by things like the Iraq-Iran war, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the murder of Christians in Ambon, Indonesia, the burning of church buildings, the Taliban, the Islamic slave traders of Sudan, the actions of the Ottoman Empire in Eastern Europe or even the seemingly violent behavior and teaching of Prophet Mohammed himself! While these things at first glance might APPEAR warlike, we will see that they were actually all done in the struggle for “PEACE”.

After the September 11 attacks, and the Bali bombings, it was really important for Islam to work on its image a bit, and we started hearing from both Western leaders and Imams alike that Islam was REALLY a “religion of peace”. George W. Bush tried to reassure us that the terrorist attacks were based on aberrations of Islam, and not on the teachings of the religion itself. I am sure that George W. Bush would not have made such a statement unless he had really studied the teachings of Islam. Yeah, right.

When I was in Bangalore, India, in 2005, I remember seeing a lot of posters in a certain area of the city declaring “Islam – Vision of Peace”. At the time I thought this was just a brazen case of lying propaganda by the muslims trying to distance themselves from the 9-11 attacks and other atrocities, but now I can see that it is more than that. For once you understand what the Islamic vision of peace actually is, it all makes sense – FROM THEIR POINT OF VIEW.

The vision of Islam is very similar to the now outmoded concept of “Marxist-Leninist Peace” which communists were promoting on University campuses in the West back in the 1980’s. I remember them well. In Marxist-Leninist “peace” the idea was that the only way we can have peace is for the West to disarm unilaterally so that communism can rule the world. Once communism was in place all over the world, everything would just turn into a beautiful peaceful global harmony. The muslims have a similar idea, as we shall see. The peace they believe in is actually peace through world domination. They proclaim “peace” and “tolerance” when they are in the minority, but as their numbers grow, their posture also changes completely. Ask Christians in Saudi Arabia about the religious tolerance there, or the tolerance of the authorities for other religious practices.

In Islamic thought, the world is divided into two – the dar al-Islam (the house of Islam) and the dar-al-harb (the house of war) – the rest of the world. The way then for “peace” to prevail in islamic thinking is for the House of Islam to completely conquer the “House of War” (so that the House of War ceases to exist, thus creating “peace”). In other words, the whole world must be subdued and captured for Islam. This is EXACTLY what muslims are setting out to do, whether western political leaders are prepared to acknowledge it or not.

To promote this peace, Muslims are doing what their religious leaders TELL them to do. Whether through migration into western nations and having lots of children, funding the building of mosques and islamic schools, posting stupid comments full of profanity and hate on Youtube, initiating legal proceedings against those who reveal their true agenda, or through acts of violent terrorism, the goal is the same: PEACE. Islamic peace. They believe that peace will come when there are no non-muslims left that have any power to fight them. I hope you feel better now.

In the Qu’ran, the it is stated that the fight must go on until all non-believers in Islam are conquered, by military force if need be. After that, any Christians or Jews who don’t want to convert should be forced to pay a special tax to their muslim overlords. All other resisters should be slain.

Islamic tradition also teaches that the property of all non-muslims really belongs to the muslims anyway, so there is no problem in taking it from them. In Islam its also OK to lie as well, as long as its not to your muslim brother. And take note of this – Muslims all the way back to Mohammed have been truce-breakers. Mohammed broke his treaty with the Meccans after exactly when it suited him. Truce-breaking is part of the islamic religion. If you are a muslim jihadist you only use a truce as a way of consolidating your strength for your next violent attack. That is why peace talks between Israel and surrounding islamic nations are all going to be in vain ultimately.

The Publishers of “Religion of Peace? Islam’s war against the World” put it very well on their amazon.com review page:

“In the days following 9/11, George W. Bush assured America and the world that Islam was a ‘religion of peace’ and that the violent followers of Osama Bin Laden had twisted the true Muslim faith. Acting on this belief, President Bush and other Western leaders sent troops to the Middle East in an effort to bring freedom and democracy to the Muslim world.

“But what if this ‘understanding’ of Islam is based not on fact, but instead on equal parts wishful thinking and Islamic deceit? It would mean that the entire War on Terror is based on a faulty–and increasingly deadly–premise.

“In ‘Religion of Peace? Islam’s War Against the World’, author and filmmaker Gregory M. Davis rebuts the notion that Islam is a great faith in desperate need of a Reformation. Instead, he exposes it as a form of totalitarianism, a belief system that orders its adherents not to baptize all nations, but to conquer and subdue them. Islamic law’s governance of every aspect of religious, political, and personal action has far more in common with Nazism than with the tenets of Christianity or Judaism.

“Davis details how Islamic thought divides the world into two spheres locked in perpetual combat: dar al-Islam (‘House of Islam,’ where Islamic law predominates), and dar al-harb (‘House of War,’ the rest of the world). This concise yet thorough book leaves no doubt as to why most of the world’s modern conflicts are connected to Islam–and calls into question why Western elites refuse to acknowledge Islam’s violent nature. ”

While there are no doubt millions of muslims around the world who want nothing more than to prosper and get on with their lives, to find out the true nature of Islam, you have to find out what the Qu’ran, the Hadith and the modern leaders of Islam actually teach their own people. Then you will know the truth on the issue.

And there is a man, Zakaria Botros, who has been doing a great deal to expose to muslims and the rest of the world alike, what islam is really about and the nature of its founder. Truly, this man is an inspiration. The muslim hierarchy has NO ANSWERS for him. They refuse to answer whether sex slavery is OK in islam, whether it is OK for male adult strangers to breastfeed from women – indeed they cannot answer these embarrassing questions without denying their own Hadith traditions.

If we as Christians refuse to pray, refuse to evangelise, and refuse to die for Jesus, then it is only a matter of time before Islam takes over in your area also.

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