The Deception of Freemasonry

Freemasonry is a movement which has its origins in various secret societies of the middle ages, although it was really in the 18th century that it took on much of its present form. Freemasonry draws on all kinds of pagan religious ideas and involves honoring false deities from the Babylonian, Egyptian, and Greek pantheons. Freemasons today wield much power and influence in world affairs. The extent of this power is difficult to know from the outside. However, it is fairly certain that many of the western world's top politicians, businessmen, judiciary, clergymen (!) and media people are members of this secretive group.

Although some freemasons deny it, freemasonry is a religion. New members  may be told that it is perfectly compatible with any religion a man may choose to follow, but it becomes clear as one progresses through the various levels of freemasonry that it really is another religion. Freemasonry borrows its many of its religious concepts from ancient Babylonian religious systems, as well as from Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism. No one except the Freemasons themselves are supposed to know what actually happens in the rites of the lodge, but most of this information has already been published by people who left the movement, even some from the highest levels (31st, 32nd and 33rd degree freemasons). A lot can also be known about freemasonry by studying their own publications.

Why Do Men become Freemasons?

Many men become freemasons because they are invited to do so by colleagues who are usually further up the social scale than they are themselves. Men are led to understand that by joining the lodge they will enjoy many benefits and opportunities in society which they would not otherwise enjoy. Freemasons will almost always favor each other above someone else who is not a member of the lodge. Business opportunities, special favors, invitations to positions of influence are some of the benefits enjoyed by many devoted members of the lodge.

The Deliberate Practice of Deception

Most freemasons go no further than the Master Mason level (3rd level). However, those that press on to study for the rituals of the higher levels of the York or Scottish rites soon learn that there are mysteries which those at the lower levels are not permitted to know. In fact, they find out that those at lower levels are deliberately misled concerning the doctrine and practices of freemasonry. Those who have earned the right to know can be proud of their superiority over the rest of the ignorant masses. There is the constant lure of increased esoteric knowledge, power and influence for those who "climb the mountain" of masonic advancement. Of course this appeals to human nature. There is a strong desire in natural men for power, control, influence, recognition and secret knowledge. Freemasonry promises this to its loyal devotees. However, when we realises that deliberate deception is being practiced, we should smell a rat.

Is Freemasonry compatible with Christianity?

Many Anglican clergymen are and have been freemasons. Clergymen from other denominations are also involved. New initiates are told that Freemasonry is basically a moral movement for the betterment of humanity in which people of all religions can participate. However, it is not possible to follow the Bible and accept masonic doctrines and practices at the same time. In one of their rituals, masons kiss the Bible goodbye. The ways of Jesus Christ who taught openly and without deception are incompatible with the ways of freemasonry.

Who is the God of Freemasonry?

Lower level masons are told that masons must believe in a deity known as The Great Architect of the Universe. However, when they get to one of the mid range levels (about level 8 I believe) they are then told that the deity of freemasonry is in fact called 'Jahbulon', This name is a syncretic mixture of the Hebrew name for God, Yahweh, the Babylonian god 'Bel' ('Baal?') and the Egyptian god 'On'. The Old Testament speaks out strongly against these pagan deities (Isaiah 46 for example). The people of Israel were not even supposed to take the names of these gods upon their lips! How can this 'Jahbulon' be one and the same as the God of the Bible? Christianity declares Jesus Christ to be God in human flesh. How can Jesus be Jahbulon? The very idea is blasphemous to a Christian.

Things get worse when a freemason reaches the 31st level. At this stage, freemasons are informed that the true name of God is Lucifer. Now Lucifer is the name of the angel that fell from heaven through rebellion and became the devil, or Satan. Satan is the arch-enemy of the people of God! Freemasons claim that Lucifer is really the true god they serve. At the same time they are quick to point out that they consider Satanism to be a heresy. Yet the antipathy of freemasonry towards the true and living God of the Christians comes out clearly here, as indeed it does in other places.

Christians are instructed to "flee from idolatry". No true disciple of Jesus Christ could stay within the movement of freemasonry once he knew the facts. In fact, anyone knowing the Bible at all and wanting to respect it could not so much as go through the initiation rituals of a first level mason, since they involve horrible curses.

The Curses of Freemasonry

Freemasons wish death upon themselves should they reveal the secrets of freemasonry to an outsider. This is a good example of a curse. Now some might think this is just harmless fun, but its only a person ignorant of spiritual realities who would think such a thing.

Christians are instructed to "bless and curse not". Cursing is a common witchcraft practice. It is done today by all sorts of religious practitioners, including orthodox priests, witches, satanists, scientology leaders and freemasons, just to name a few.

It may seem ridiculous to some readers, but cursing invokes demon powers. These demon powers get the right to attack people through these spoken curses. The curses actually go from generation to generation. I myself have a great grandfather on my father's side who was a very high level freemason. The curses associated with this did affect me and my family. Indeed, one of my brothers, who also dabbled in martial arts a little, although a Christian, died at the age of 21, without warning. To me this was due at least in part to a curse.

It was necessary for me to go through much exorcism to get the demons associated with freemasonry out of me. This was one of the most difficult parts of my deliverance. Yet it was absolutely necessary for me in order to make subsequent spiritual progress in certain areas.

What to Do if you have been affected by or involved with Freemasonry

Renounce it completely. Jesus said, "What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?" The social advantages of being a freemason do not compare with the advantages of being free to follow Jesus Christ in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Further, no professing Christian involved in Freemasonry can stay in the movement without deliberately living in rebellion against God, once the facts about freemasonry are clearly known.

If you have ancestors who were freemasons, or you have been involved yourself, you will need deliverance from evil spirits. These spirits have the characteristic of producing a kind of spiritual blindness in people. Its no wonder since the initiation of a first level mason involves the initiate wearing a blindfold. Even those who reach the top of the mountain of freemasonry are told that a cloud obscures the view from the top of the mountain. The connections with spiritual blindness should be obvious enough. For the sake of Christ, reconsider your position and take a stand for Christ. Put your vision and efforts into discipleship in the Kingdom of God and not in the lying system of Freemasonry.

There is no salvation except through Jesus Christ. Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except by me." (John 14:6). If you are not sure of your salvation and want to be saved click here.

If you need help in knowing how to renounce the various aspects of freemasonry, and suggested words for such prayers, a good place to start would be HERE. Also we have


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