Undermining the Work of The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit has been at work in the lives of many Roman Catholics causing them to question the tradtions and the hierarchy of the Catholic church. The Holy Spirit has been drawing people out of the Catholic church and setting them free. Now this pope has issued a document stating that the Catholic church is the only true church here on earth. The Catholic church has universal primacy which means a fact of being most important (It may be a fact to them but erroneous) The new universal primacy released stated that the Orthodux Church (Angelican) and Protestant churches are not true churches. This statement has set back the Catholic church to pre 1962 thinking. He also reinstated the Latin Mass which will be unknown to what is being said to the common person. Some Catholics have been in confusion and in doubt about theology of the church and this is to set the record straight on Vatican’s II ecumincal (promoting unity) intent. The pope reinstates that the Catholic church is the true church and all other churches “do not have the means of salvation”. The Bible clearly states that salvation comes only through Jesus (Acts 4:12) “Nor is there salvation in any other for there is no name under heaven given among man by which we must be save”. Another reason they state that all other churches are not true churches due to fact that they cannot trace their bishops back to the apostles. This is worthless geneologies as stated in I Timothy 1:4 “nor give heed to fables and endless genealogies which causes disputes rather than godly edification which is in faith”. They want all churches to recognize the primacy of the pope. The pope cannot save…The pope is just another human …He is not God…The pope does not speak for God for God does not need anyone to speak for Him since we have His Holy written Word, the Bible…..The pope is a sinner and was born into sin as was everyone else…The pope needs a Savior (only through Jesus) as everyone else does…The signing of this document stating the Catholic church is the only true church was done on June 29 a major ecumenical feast day (feast of St Peter and Paul) The pope is trying to undermine the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of many but he is fighting God and will not win. Again the Roman Catholic church and the pope are more concerned with the traditions of the church than in the souls’ of its people.

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