Trashy pop culture is one of Satan’s ways of mocking the human race

One of my favourite writers on the Sydney Morning Heard website (which at times should probably be called the Sydney Porning Herald because of its fondness for publishing titillating articles to do with all things sexy) is Miranda Devine. This lady says a lot of sensible things and her recent article: Flash of Fame spreads Sluttiness, made some really salient points about the direction our culture is going. In our own home, we don’t have a TV connected to an antenna, we don’t have time for it, but you can’t help noticing all the rubbish out there when you so much as venture outside your own home. And it helps to read what others are saying.

There can be no doubt that many of today’s fashion marketers and celebrity P.R. gurus have sold out to the agenda of sleaze. You just have to look at the way women’s cleavage is flashed everywhere and now even genitalia, as Miranda points out in her article. These things are seen as P.R. stunts which guarantee you “more hits” and “more attention” in a world which is trying to make a buck selling advertising any way it can. This culture of sleaze also sends a profound message to young people today, many of whom have never known God at all, never known a happy family life, and have significant issues around self-worth. If your family never loved you much, you will be especially vulnerable to the temptations of lust and worldliness that exist on the internet, at your local newsagent, on TV and on billboards on the streets. The message seems to be that “good looks” are everything, sex is the path to personal fulfilment, and being sexually immoral is the way to get ahead in life. What a load of garbage. All these things are so patently false that even many people in the world who don’t have the Spirit of God have seen through it. Yet it is subtly presented to vulnerable young people in a way that will make many of them really MISERABLE.

The “values” of much of today’s pop culture seem to centre a lot on “sex”, “glamour” and “money”. I’d like to say that sex is a gift from God which can and should be enjoyed in a marriage relationship, but it is a dangerous fire outside of marriage that could threaten your life both now and eternally. Just ask all the single mothers, all those suffering from AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, men paying child support and all the emotionally burned out and used up people in our modern world if this might be so. You can ask them even if you don’t believe that God is there or that He has ever spoken. The glamour of all this trash is a lie. Satan never tells you how much he is taking away from you when you sin, he just tries to push a few buttons and get a few chemical hormones going in you so that he can put you on his hook and torment your eternal soul NOW and FOREVER.

If you swim too close to the bait you might end up “on the hook”.

A healthy development I’ve seen in the last 30 years in my home country in Australia has been the legislation against “sexual harrasment”. Its really good that a woman doesn’t have to put up with this kind of thing in the workplace, and that there can be serious conequences for those who make lewd comments to women about sexual things. Its a kind of assault on the dignity of women, and its good that there are now laws to punish this.

But I’ve often thought that a lot of the trash in our modern pop culture is also a form of sexual harrasment. Single men can hardly walk down the street or look at any TV programs without being exposed to constant images designed to create sexual stimulation through the senses of the eye. Some men might like this, but what about those who don’t want it? Isn’t publicly displayed porn a kind of sexual harrasment against men? I think it is, and someone ought to develop this line of thought and take it somewhere. My focus however, is on the things of God, and the business tasks that God has given to me – I don’t have time to pursue the issue or pound the pulpit on these things – not that I have one to pound. But at the very least I think its helpful to consider it.

Satan wants to Mock and Degrade Our Children, Our Youth and Everyone in General

The fashion industry has many times been co-opted into Satan’s agenda. My wife tells me that it is pretty hard to buy clothes today that are DECENT. Most of the woman’s clothes on sale in your local mall are designed to make women more or less look like harlots. Thank God I am not fascinated with these kind of things – it does help to be happily married to a truly beautiful wife.

Girls, your significance does not depend on how sexually alluring you look. Good looks and beautiful bodies are a double edged sword in today’s culture. No one really wants to be ugly but really attractive women are often subjected to a lot of unwanted attention and have to face more temptations than others. I suppose the same is true of really good looking men. I don’t know, because I’ve never had to face that issue. :-). In any case, girls who respect themselves can afford to dress modestly. If you are a Christian or considering becoming one, remember that this is a calling to adoption into God’s royal family. Its just not appropriate for a real eternal princess to look like a prostitute. I’ll tell you something else: if you do want to “exercise your freedom” to dress in a sexually alluring way around men and Christian men in particular, YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE BY GOD ON THE LAST DAY for being a stumbling block and you DO NOT WANT TO BE IN THAT PLACE. Jesus said it would be better for those who cause “little ones” – either children or newly born again Christians – to sin, it would be better for them to be drowned with a millstone around their neck in the sea. You won’t hear many pastors today with the courage to tell you this, so I’ll help them out and tell you for them. Here’s what God’s Word has to say in the New Testament on this issue:

1Timothy 2:9  in like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing,
1Timothy 2:10  but, which is proper for women professing godliness, with good works.

Our sexuality is an important part of who we are, and it touches closely on our spirituality. You can’t have a sexual connection with someone without a spiritual transaction taking place. And many people are getting themselves demonized through their fornications, their adulteries and so forth. Sex outside of marriage is forbidden. Even lusting and masturbating can and does bring demonic bondage into the lives of many. There is forgiveness and deliverance with God through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross – that is the good news, but it only works for THOSE WHO REPENT. If you allow Satan to train you like a laboratory rat to keep taking the poisoned cheese, you will ultimately die in your sin and be punished and mocked forever.

So I guess what I am saying is don’t let Satan get you on the hook. You are meant to be a child of God. You are meant to live as a son of God, with the Holy Spirit filling you, satisfying you and giving you love, peace and joy. Don’t sell your soul for Satan’s inferior merchandise, for money, worldly fame or the applause of people who at the end of the day don’t really care two hoots for you.

Instead come to Jesus Christ. Recognise that He has loved you with an amazing love, and it doesn’t depend on how good looking your body or face is. God looks on the heart. Confess your sins and let go of Satan’s deceptions. Let God transform you on the inside and it will even affect your countenance as well. Jesus came to give you life in abundance, life in a greater dimension, the dimension of the spirit. Don’t be a trophy for Satan, the hater and mocker of the human race. Let God bring you into His family and believe that His blood cleanses you of all sin as you turn to Him and put your trust in Him.

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