Toni Sweikert

Testimony to A Loving Father

The following is the personal testimony of Toni Peppitoni  Sweikert

proclaiming the Grace of GOD in her life. HIS Power      

to set the captives Free! Through the Power of the Blood of JESUS CHRIST

she has entered into HIS Marvelous Light!

Isaiah 41:10 says; “Fear Not…for I AM with you.” Also in Isaiah 

43:25 & 26, the word says HE has blotted out our transgressions and

will remember them no more, for HIS Name’s sake. The first thing I would

like to do is say, THANK YOU JESUS that I am alive and here to give HIM

GLORY! It is an honor to know such  a Loving, Personal Savior. The

next thing I need to do is pray that the LORD will lead me in what to say.


The most intense and beautiful moment of my life was when JESUS came

into my life and heart. The testimony you are          

about to hear may rival that moment , but are pale shadows by comparison.

I never felt physically or mentally so alive as I did on that day in April,

on the 21st day in 1991. Praise the LORD! My life started over , my mind

was renewed and refreshed …and I was Born Again! I became a child of

the KING! The Creator of ALL that you see and do not see became my most

wonderful DADDY! I was in such bondage and darkness at the same time when

I got saved that there was only one other option and the devil was trying

real hard for that one and that was for me to die. There was nothing but

darkness IN and Around me……I thank GOD for my Pastor, Woodson Moore

and the Faithful people of my church. I am Thankful for my father-in-law,

Carl Sweikert who prayed for many years as he looked at his wild daughter-in-law

and I know had to say, Dear GOD..this can’t be my family! Help them LORD!

GOD Bless him for his Love and Caring attitude toward me. He is a Faithful

Saint! I will be Eternally Thankful to him. It was through POP that I got

a glimpse at what JESUS maybe like, though I did not yet know JESUS during

those dark years.


I believe the first time that I encountered an exceptional presence

of JESUS was when, while at a dinner I was introduced

to my soon to be Pastor and while shaking his hand I looked into his

eyes and what I saw shook me to my roots! I asked my

husband, Wayne, what it was that I felt so strong when I looked into

the Pastor’s eyes and he replied…You saw JESUS in him!! To this day is

astounds me how GOD’S Timing is always soooo Perfect! It is amazing how

GOD called me in before I ever knew HIM! You know the Word of GOD says

HE called and Knew us before the foundations of the world were ever laid.

Pretty amazing thought. The Bible tells that JESUS died for us while we

were still sinners..I know that this is true.

I was born on July 4th, 1952 in Camden, New Jersey. I really thought

all those years that everyone celebrated my birthday with me, that was

why there were so many fireworks! I was born to Anthony and Stella Peppitoni,

a nice italian couple. I was also born cross-eyed, a defect that my parents

remedied by the age of 6. I was being teased a lot by other kids and cried

a lot. I have two brothers, Frankie and Vito. They are 5 and 6 years older

then me. I also have a younger sister Constance, she is 10 years younger

then me. At the ripe age of 7 I was being molested by someone I loved very

much and so this was a heavey burden for such a young child to bare. This

pain last till I was 14 years old, with no one to confied in or help. I

have been asked..why didn’t I tell someone. The reason being that if you

threaten a small child with .. Mommy will leave …that child will clam

right up without some love and attention. That is exactly what I did. I

became very withdrawn and quite. I endured the beatings when I was not

very coperative. There were othersers during those years that forced themselves

on me also but that is layed at the feet of my Savior JESUS. For a brief

period of time I was able to attened a Catholic School. Possibley there

was something planted in my spirit at that time but I am not aware of it.

I made my sacraments there, but did not know GOD. I was under the impression

that GOD was someone who sat up there on HIS Throne and Judged us constantly,

just waiting for us to make a mistake and then WHAM! HE would strike you

down and get you !! That was what I learned from the nuns in school. I

never knew JESUS was real and ALIVE and loved me! The only thing that stuck

was learning the Apostels Creed.


At the age of 7 our family moved to Santee, California. The abuse continued.

I was never very outstanding in school, I had a

hard time concentrating. I remember being in my bedroom playing with

my doll when suddenly a car came threw the bedroom wall and stopped at

the foot of my bed. I screamed and passed out, waking up in my mothers

arms with her sobbing on

my chest. GOD saved me that day, I was untouched. I remember many,

many nightmares about monsters eating me while I was still alive and screaming.

Glad they finally went away, but not till about 13 or 14.


Our family returned from California when I was 11. I was quite and

withdrawn still or should I say more. I tried to stay out

of everyones way. Deep inside I thought that bad things happened to

me cause I was bad. I never knew when I would be

abused so I was awlays trying to be careful. I remember crying alone

in my room and asking GOD to help me, but the help never came, then asking

GOD why HE was letting this happen to me. Please GOD! There was only silance.

Looking back now, I  understand that it wasn’t GOD doing or letting

this happen to me, it was the enemy of my soul, trying to destroy me.Also,

there were MANY generation spirits that were involved, they attach themselves

to us. That was a spiritual battel that I was not equipped to fight. I

also believe that the devil knew that one day I would call on the name

of JESUS to save me, and that one day I would LOVE the LORD!

I believe that anybody whose life goes throug a severe amount of abuse

when they are young and last so much of their life, they

are spotted or searched out by the enemy because there is something

about them and he sees that they will grow up to love

the LORD JESUS with all of their heart. The devil HATES your guts!

The enemy will do whatever he must to ruin your life and discourage you

and try to make you full of hate. If he is successful, you will be lost

as long as you stay that way. It makes you form block walls around your

heart. Only one person can make it through these walls. They are impossible

to penatrate by

anyone but the son of GOD, JESUS CHRIST! You become very defensive

with all the hurt you have lived through. Only the

love of GOD through HIS Son JESUS can save you.

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