The Stupidity of Diversity

I am using an anonymous question to 3chelon as the basis for this blog because I do not want the reply buried i nconversational threads. Since the person is anonymous, I hope they do not take personal offense here. This is a Christian board, and as a moderator, I have the obligation to keep the furniture arranged after this person who comes in under guise of learning and undertakes to overthrow the love and joy of fellowship we enjoy.

Diversity for diversity sake is foolishness.  Flat out and simply put it is STUPID, is that clear? If we all believe everything, we truly believe nothing and our lives are hence meaningless.

It is a stupid question to simply ask, "do you think diversity is a good thing for a healthy society?"

Why is it stupid? Because there is good, and there is evil. Once upon a time when there was just God, all was good. Then evil entered. The thing about evil, is that it is a taker, a user, and a destroyer. It is a spiritual cancer that seeks out life, consumes it and perishes with the last remnant squeezed out of those used thereby.

Hence, good and evil cannot coexist because evil is not satisfied with its own. It is compelled by an inner pride, greed, lust, to soil, diminish and ultimately destroy that which is good. When good sets up a standard and says, 'no farther,' then evil cries out that its not fair! It cries discrimination! It cries out for tolerance… Is it because evil is tolerant? No. Evil cries out for tolerance because it is like a parasite seeking a host. If the host tolerates the parasite, the parasite will multiply and destroy the host over time.

This is why when an atheist comes on a Christian board and cries "tolerance!" "tolerance!" "I want to LEARN from you," you will find them rebutting everything given as instruction and then demeaning and profaning the One True God, who alone is holy and righteous and just. They will even close their minds to a simple statement of fact that atheist governments are responsible for the deaths of millions of citizens, and make absurd statements that Buddhism, not communism, is responsible.

Thus the lie is revealed. The atheist we now encounter is simply baiting us with faulty logic that he is blind to. He claims to be willing to believe what he can see, but he will not receive the testimony of what I and fellow Christians have seen, nor the God I love dearly and embrace…

Warning to the board… "answer not a fool according to his folly, lest ye be like unto him." Pray for em, love em, but realize this man is so bound in intellectual pride that it will be an act of God, not man, that will save him. He is just like you and I were. Blind and in need of sight. Broken and in need of healing. When he sees his need, perhaps he will forsake the foolishness of questions without answers, learning and never being able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Em's answers will come from God, not man.

Do I forbid any to answer him. No. I am letting you know the nature of the situation that you may act accordingly. I have made a recommendation, I will judge no one for whether they agree with it or not.

"Do you think diversity is a good thing for society?" is a set up question. The politically correct response is "Yes, diversity is good for everyone!" The correct response is, "what are the components of the diversity you propose? Is it great to integrate chiild molesters in the public school system as teachers and coaches? Is it good to integrate rapists into the medical profession and gynecology? That is the diversity that claims tolerance, but erases, belittles, marginalizes all opposition once they gain the upper hand.

Communist Russia was probably killing millions of people because it was greek orthodox… its just that when the atheist government took power, they couldn't stand up to it I suppose… If one were to look, I would say the atheist governments have killed many more of there own citizens in the past century, than are even remotely attributed to Christianity throughout all the ages … multiple times over.

It all begins with a discussion and the insistence that one 'open their mind' to foolishness, for the sake of being open. My mouth is not open for poison, why would I open my mind to receive poison?

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