What could make you the most happy? The nicest house? The partner of your dreams? Fame? The career of a lifetime? Well many people have all these things; but do such things really satisfy them and make them blissfully fulfilled and happy? I tell you no because the human heart was created for something higher; a thing that by comparison would make these things previously mentioned eternally shallow and empty. Many think that these things can make them happy but they only think this because they have not experienced the emptiness that comes with attaining such things. Jesus understands the deep needs of the human heart and he knows the depth of hunger that it was created with. He also knows that the depth of hunger that dwells within our hearts can only be satisfied at the fountain of water that flows out of God himself. Of course many have not come to realise the truth of this fact and many souls have perished in the clutches of great addiction to sex, lust and greed in the desperate pursuit of meaning and completeness; body and mind spent and exhausted at the shallow wells of human experience and thrills while the soul screams for water and meaning but is negleted and denied in the empty distractions that people call real living.

In John 4: 13-14 Jesus tells a woman – that was seeking for meaning in relationships – that her search and satisfaction would perpetually elude and escape her because the thing that her heart was created for was unmet and because of this every further relationship, apart from God, only added further disappointment and pain to her already wounded soul. Christ in his eternal love and compassion told this woman (who represents the human heart) that he had water that would satisfy her and end forever her search that will always ended in emptiness and pain. So my most loved sisters and brothers save yourself many wasted years and satisfy your heart and soul first at the streams of God’s provision and you will never end up with a long chain of failed disappointed things that only lead you astray and rob precious years off your life.