The HolyGhost He’s the same for today


The Holy Ghost is a distinct person within the Godhead not a
force, a thing or an it.

The Holy Ghost is to reveal the Son Jesus

The Holy Ghost has intellect 1 Corinthians 2:10

The Holy Ghost has knowledge 1 Corinthians 2:11

The Holy Ghost has emotions Ephesians 4:30

The Holy Ghost Loves Romans 15:30


These are familiar words to us “But ye shall receive power
after the Holy Ghost is come upon you” Acts 1:8


We know Him as the third person of the Godhead the
Comforter, Counselor, Power for Service “dunamis demonstrative power which from


The Holy Ghost is very important in the life of believers.
The Prophet Joel spoke about Him in Joel chapter 2. Jesus told His disciples
about Him in St. John 14.


Oh how we need the working of the Holy Ghost in our churches
today. He is our counselor. He teaches us, He comforts, bring peace in the mist
of our storms. He brings zeal, passion, boldness as Peter receives in Acts 2 vs
14 “But Peter, standing up with the eleven lifted up his voice, and said unto
them, ye men of Judea and all ye that dwell at Jerusalem be this known unto you
and hearken to my words” as compare to hen he denied Jesus in St. Luke 23. He
went from being a wimp to a great evangelist, from being afraid to say yes I am
with Jesus to letting the world know Him through his ministry. The Holy Spirit
brings about great transformation.


We need to be so filled with the Holy Ghost that there is no
room for unholy things in our lives, fill to the brim and overflowing. Let us
lift up our souls to God for a new release of the Holy Ghost. Let Him refresh
us, as that song writer wrote “Fill my cup Lord I lift it up Lord come and
quench this thirsting in my soul Bread of Heaven, feed me till I want no more, fill
my cup, fill it up and make me whole”.


Just like cars need gas to go and oil changes, we need the
Holy Ghost to do the same for us. Sometimes I look in the church of today and
wonder who is in charge God or man the programmes are so much of man, and less
of God. At times the worship leader is leading a beautiful worship and you can
see God directing them and some of the congregation can’t seem to get into the
mood to worship, some seem so poise and extinguished and all the Holy Ghost
want us to do is to free ourselves, forget about man and the ME and allow the
Holy Ghost to be free to use us. 


The Holy Ghost is not just about speaking in tongues (that
is the initial evidence that He dwells within a person), but He gives us power
to fight the enemy, giving us power to stand for God. The devil is releasing
demons everyday, and we as the church need the power of the Holy Ghost in our
lives and in our Churches. Look at the Apostles they were so full of the Holy
Ghost that their shadows heal people Acts 16 16-18 Paul spoke to the demon in
the girl that was following him and it obeyed, not because of Paul but who was
in Paul. We need to become hungry and thirty for the Holy Ghost to truly be in
us to fight on. Read Ephesians 6 Vs 11-18.


Evil cannot show its fullness in the earth because the Holy
Ghost is here. Our altars today are becoming empty when the invitation goes out
who needs to be fill come. Man cannot coach you in speaking in tongues only the
Holy Ghost can give the utterance and the heavenly language. Pride has stopped
a lot of Christians from seeking after God.


The baptism of the Holy Ghost is not for the purpose of
cleansing from sin, but for the purpose of empowering for service and giving
God’s people effective ministry.

When the Holy Ghost is fully operational in the church,
God’s people would fear Him more they would become afraid to sin and come into
His presence without repenting. Read Acts 5.


The Holy Ghost working through us can bring about revival as
we have seen in the past. He’s the same today. We need revival in this
generation, revival that brings change, revival that brings a hunger and thirst
for more of God. God needs serious people that would be filled of the Holy
Ghost to fulfill His mandate. Every day we need more of Him.


Today people are going to the witch doctors, physics, witches
and voodoo priest, they want to spend thousands of dollars to these demon
possess people to see their future to cast spells on people, for good health
etc.., But I want to say we God’s people have the Power of God with us, Holy
Ghost power within and all around us. God don’t show off, He shows forth and
people should know that God can work for them, not the devil, people should
come to the house of God for help and salvation is free through the blood of
Jesus. Do we as the church fully understand the power we have with the Holy
Ghost working in our lives, and churches, are we allowing the devil to keep us
quiet. Let us crucify the flesh that the Holy Ghost can work through us.


We need the Pentecostal fire sometimes our churches seem so
dry, our worship is half heartily, our youth are being defeated we need You
Holy Ghost. We need your fire, burning in our souls. Who will be the man/woman
that God can use to start the Pentecostal fire, the Holy Ghost fire that can
consume us to burn out the roots of sin and place a zeal for God in us. A
former General overseer of my church may he rest in peace, in his address to
the 94th General Assembly said “We call ourselves Pentecostal and
may of our churches remains dry and it was not a long time since some spoke in
tongues. Pentecostal Power how we need it in our church today. The power that
amazes saves and satisfies we have many members who have not yet received the
Holy Ghost and to many more it was a long time ago and He is not active in
their lives, it is time to stir up this gift. We must not be satisfy unless He
is working in us mighty, we must not be Pentecost in name only, when people
come into our churches they have the rights to expect to see the demonstration
and manifestation of the Spirit, to hear messages in tongues and the
interpretation to see the sick heal, miracles and wonders, might I ask do they
see that in your church, are your local church truly a Pentecostal church that
we might not be ministering but He ministering through us. We must have this
Pentecost Power seek the Lord until we are endue with Power from oh high.


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