The Anointing with Oil – Marlies Zechner

5/ The Anointing of Oil

Exodus 29:6

Put the turban on him and tie on it the sacred sign of dedication engraved ‘Dedicated to the LORD’. 7/ Then take the anointing oil, pour it on his head, and anoint him.

We do not live under the Law of Moses any more, yet while praying for somebody who was under heavy demonic oppression God told me to, ‘anoint her with oil and dedicate her and consecrate her to God and declare her holy.‘ I have never forgotten the incident and I don’t remember God ever telling me to pray for somebody else like that again. I suppose God had a special purpose for her. I only knew her for a short time and have no idea what became of her.

1Samuel 10:1&6

1/ Then Samuel took a jar of olive oil and poured it on Saul’s head .”
6/ Suddenly the Spirit of the LORD will take control of you “. and you will become a different person.

1/ Anointing people with oil during prayer

Case 1

Satan doesn’t like it when you lead people to the Lord Jesus Christ and then cast demons out of them. K.C. had been brought to me by a friend. She couldn’t even ask the Lord Jesus into her heart because Satan had taken control of her tongue. The Holy Spirit told me to anoint her with oil. I had never done that before when casting out demons. The effect was electric. K.C. reacted aggressively. Nonetheless, after the anointing and prayer she was able to ask Jesus into her heart and ask forgiveness for her sins. I commanded the demon to tell me its name. It said, “death“.

I asked God to tell me what gave this demon a hold in her life. God told me that at some stage in her life she had said that she hated God and wanted to be a child of Satan. I took her through a prayer of forgiveness for having said that. Then she had to change sides, namely wanting to be God’s child, while at the same time telling the devil to get out of her life. She also had to cut off all other previous associations with the devil. Still the spirit wouldn’t leave. I asked K.C. if there was anything else she had to tell me. She said that she saw the face of her mother, a woman who was involved in the occult. K.C. then had to be taken through a prayer cutting the spiritual association with her mother. Satan made it very difficult but eventually that was also achieved, by the constant anointing of oil.

Finally the demon said that Satan still had a hold on K.C. through her boyfriend. Even though Satan through this prayer, and the previous one, made it very hard for K.C. to talk, that tie was also cut. During the prayer of deliverance K.C. constantly saw visions of her mother, with grotesque demonic faces. She also saw herself travelling through a tunnel, going down. The demon said when I was praying for Kelly and anointing her with oil it was being cut up. Then the demon tried to trick me into believing it had left, when it hadn’t. Finally K.C. saw a vision of it going down a chute screaming as it did.

God reminded me to also cast out the spirit of imagination and lies. As I cast out the spirit of imagination, she saw what looked like a glass container filling up with muddy water. After that she no longer had any visions. Praise to the Lord Jesus Christ that He has given us the power over “all the works of the Enemy”.

Consequently Satan tried to attack my skin through burning and itchiness; as well as cutting off the circulation from my hand and feet. Praise Almighty God for He also healed and delivered me from those afflictions.

Case 2

The woman I was praying for had demonic problems. She was so bad that at times the devil would cause her to ramble or scream uncontrollably. During the deliverance session I anointed her with oil. A few days after being totally delivered she told me that each time I had anointed her she felt the massive power of God come upon her. Anointing her lips stopped the rambling and screaming.

2/ Anointing objects Exodus 30:25

and make a sacred anointing oil, ‘ 26/Use it to anoint the Tent of my presence, the Covenant Box, 27/ the table and all its equipment, the lampstand and its equipment’. 29/ Dedicate these things in this way, and they will be completely holy, ‘.

I use olive oil, or any other kitchen oil and I dab a little bit of oil on the object that I am praying for and I dedicate it to God. Then I rebuke and command all demonic forces that might be on that object to flee and never come back. Lastly I ask Almighty God to cover the object with the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

3/ Anointing the house
Whenever I move into a new place, the first thing I do is hand the place over to Almighty God, the Lord Jesus Christ. You never know who the previous tenant might have been and depending upon their life style you can be sure they left a few things behind in the spiritual that, you as the new tenant, don’t want to be burdened with.

I am very careful not to bring into the house objects that could have demonic influences on them. This would then give the demons the right to harass or torment me, in the form of nightmares, headaches, strife amongst family members, sickness, depression etc. However there have been many times when God has said to me, “anoint the house and get rid of the unwelcome visitors left behind”. You can’t help not having nonChristians walk though the house, so just as you clean a house in the physical from dirt that has collected, so it is a good idea to clean the house in the spiritual from time to time.

I start out by pointing a little dab of oil on the light switch, (I don’t want oil running down flat point.) door or window frame. Then I pray the following prayer:

“Oh Lord my God I anoint this room with oil and I dedicate (hand it over) it to you. I ask for the covering of the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ on everything in this room.” Then I say to the devil, “I command every foul demonic spirit to get out of this room now in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ and never come back. This room belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ.” I go through the whole place praying over every room in that way. If I feel uncertain that they all went I ask God to command the angels to remove any unwelcome visitors that might have been left behind. Then I hand the whole place over to God and ask him to be the head of the house and fill it with his presence.

4/ Anointing the sick with oil

James 5:14-16

These verses tell us to anoint the sick person with olive oil and the prayer of faith will heal them. I know the verses tell us to call the elders of the church and wherever possible that is fine. I, at one stage was an elder of the Assembly of God Church but all the other times I have anointed sick people because of Mark 16:17 which tells us that, “believers will lay their hands on the sick and they will get well”. So if you are in a church where you trust the people to be walking with God, and elders are available for prayer that is fine. However, many times I might get a stomach ache, or a bad headache, when it is not possible to contact an elder, so I just anoint (dab the oil) that part of my body which is sick and read, or speak, the Word of God to it. Within a few minutes I feel better again.

Testimony — the ring finger of my right hand.

Although I was wearing thick rubber gloves while pushing down the lid of the compost container the tendon to the last digit of the ring finger was cut. When I pulled off the gloves and saw the top of my finger bent at right angles, I was dismayed to put it mildly. Immediately however I prayed and anointed the finger with oil. As there was no improvement I went to my doctor who also looked dismayed at the sight before her and immediately made an appointment with a bone specialist the next day. He put the finger into a plastic mould the idea being that it would stay straight and the tendon would attach itself again. Xrays showed that the bone was not broken so the other alternative was that the tendon had been cut.

I wasn’t in much pain but it was a nuisance to always keep the finger dry and covered especially if I was having a shower. After 2 weeks I saw the specialist again, he wasn’t surprised that the finger hadn’t straightened, but neither did he say anything about the inflammation. A friend of mine told me that I needed to do something about the inflammation as it would prevent the reattachment of the tendon. Another trip to the doctor 6 weeks later and the taking of inflammatory tablets didn’t help. So finally after about 10 weeks I decided I had enough of the contraption holding my finger straight and I needed to act in faith and take it off.

At this stage also I began to realise that my finger could have been healed within a very short time, but the devil, through inflammation of the joint had hindered the healing process. When God brought me to that realisation I was amazed. I immediately prayed in power rebuking the devil’s attempts to stall the healing process and I strongly rebuked the inflammation of the joints of the finger. Within a week the finger became 99% straight and the inflammation has almost completely gone. Finally about 5 or 6 months down the track the finger is completely straight again!

Praying correctly and the anointing with oil.

An e-mail from Mendo commenting on one of our prayer meetings.

As I prayed in agreement with you and listened carefully I must say your prayers were fantastic, straight to the point, punch after punch and no waffle. You left me for dead I was speechless! A thought just came to me, a picture of a boxing match where prayer warriors like you throw punches at the devil. Last Saturday you sure gave the devil heaps of punches.

Something else I learnt was the use of images like the hammer and the construction ball demolishing the stronghold of the devil the way a building is demolished. So I guess in spiritual warfare it helps to have appropriate word pictures so you can picture strongholds crumbling and demons fleeing, as they have no longer a stronghold to occupy. These word pictures seem to bring alive the Word of God. I am rather excited about this how about you?

Thanks for the prayer you prayed over me and anointing me with oil.

I feel a lot better.

That’s all from me, Mendo

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