Testimonies about Benefits of Fasting – from Prayer Mountain


When I graduated from Bible school and began my ministry, you encouraged me to seek the power of the Holy Spirit through fasting and prayer. So, beginning January I, 1974, I decided to fast for ten days. Before this time I had fasted for one or two days, but this was the first fast of any length I had attempted. On other fasting occasions after three days my strength would be gone, but God gave me special strength during this fast, and I was able to minister regularly in the chapel at the prayer mountain.

During this time the Lord spoke to me, and the Holy Spirit completely captivated my attention. In my pioneer church there were many different problems and needs for which I was praying. The Lord gave me answers to all of them. For example, the church had need for a telephone and seats or pews, which God provided.

An even greater answer to prayer was the power of the Holy Spirit that was manifested in my ministry during the revival services I conducted in my church immediately after this time of fasting and prayer. Over 50 people confessed their sins and received Christ as their Saviour. This same power was present from my ministry everywhere I went. This experience has shown me the power of God in revival that follows a time of fasting and prayer.

This time of fasting has given me a desire to be used of God in a greater way, and I am determined to seek Him in the future through 20 days of fasting and prayer.

-Rev. Dong Su Shin, Pastor

The importance of personal faith has been emphasized before because it is a basic aspect of fundamental Christianity. A personal experience in faith gives us a greater understanding of its power that others cannot comprehend.

Faith through personal experience can be called the miracle of the century. It is difficult to understand this type of miracle in this day and age. However, one personal testimony is more convincing than mere discussion. This faith transcends man's logic because we can say, "I have experienced it." Those who have this personal faith possess bold courage and look forward to a whole new world. It is like trying to explain the wonders of the world to a blind man who cannot fully comprehend its beauty until his eyes are opened and he beholds nature himself.

Through this personal faith you can come to the knowledge that God loves you, Christ provided atonement for your sins, and the Holy Spirit helps, comforts, and protects you through all of life's diffi- culties. This becomes the undergirding truth that sustains the victorious Christian life.


We know that if we have 150 degrees of sugar content in our blood it works well for our body, but I had 450 degrees in my blood. Because of this I was hospitalized two and three times a year over a period of several years. I had to have an insulin injection every day in order to control the sugar content of my blood. Rev. Choi suggested that I fast and pray concerning this physical need, and so one day in the first week of December I went to the Osan-ri prayer mountain for that purpose.

For a long time I had eaten only barley meal and bean curd with the insulin injection. Fasting seemed an impossibility; however, depending on the Lord Jesus Christ, I began to fast and pray.

One day passed, two days, then five and six days. During this time the Lord poured into me the healing power that comes through the precious blood of Jesus Christ, as I continued to fast and pray in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Rejoicing in the Lord, I returned home and did the normal test for blood sugar. Looking at the results, all of my family shouted for joy. The test showed there was no excess sugar in my blood even though I had taken no insulin!

Hallelujah! I thank and praise God who gave me the victory through prayer and fasting.

-Yak Bun Bai
Yeongdong po Ku,
220-34 Singil Dong
Seoul, Korea

In the 100 years since Korea has received the gospel message Christianity has made great strides. During this time perhaps Korea has set a world record in the establishing of new churches. In many of the nearly 15 000 churches of various denominations in Korea, a great many Christians are praying and spreading the gospel. However, in many churches there are various kinds of problems hindering revival, and Christians and churches would do well to examine themselves.

In the parable of the ten virgins recorded in Matthew, the five virgins who did not prepare enough oil could represent the churches which do not have the power of the Holy Spirit.

In order to keep the revival fires burning brightly a church must keep oil prepared. A great beacon fire of the Holy Spirit will shed a great light upon the communist countries darkened by the power of Satan. The Word of God anointed by the fire of the Holy Spirit will melt even the hardened hearts of the communists. The way to recieve this powerful fire is through fasting and prayer.

In these days there needs to be unceasing fasting in prayer among Christians: pastors praying for their church members; elders and deacons for their churches; parents for their children; wives for their husbands and children. We also need to pray for Chris- tians of all nations, for our neighbors, and for the world.

When pastors receive power through fasting prayer, they can preach the gospel in greater confidence under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and church members receive greater spiritual strength and blessings. When elders and deacons experience revival in their own hearts and lives, it will soon spread to their churches. We can all reflect the love of Jesus Christ to our neighbors in a more effective way.

Fasting in prayer will enable us as Christians to glorify God by being living examples and channels of His love both in the church and in our society. Fasting and prayer is one way to keep: our homes, our churches, and our country. When all Korean Christians are willing to pray with fasting, our country will be more bountifully blessed of God.

The Bible says in Psalm 127: 1, "Except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain." God will use the churches to protect our nation. Through fasting in prayer Christians receive power to spread the gospel effectively, to share the revival spirit, and to be a watchman of our country.

Let me share this testimony from a Japanese pastor who experienced God's blessings in a greater measure after a time of fasting and prayer at our prayer moun- tain.


The first time I heard you preach on the power that comes through fasting and prayer I was very skeptical. However, little by little my interest was aroused in your message, especially with the scientific proof, the testimonies of this experience in the lives of many people, and the numerous Scripture references relating to it.

With your message still burning in our hearts, my wife and I made a trip to Korea to visit the Full Gospel Prayer Mountain to fast and pray. In fact, we have since visited the prayer mountain several times and each time we were filled anew with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Since this time of fasting and prayer, we have experienced the power of the Holy Spirit in a greater way; revival has come to our church, and it is growing rapidly. Prior to spending this time at the prayer· mountain we only had about 39 members, and at the present time the church has grown to over 120 members.

Nowadays, many of our members go to Korea to receive the power of the Holy Spirit. Among those who have gone, many have been healed of various kinds of diseases.

God is beginning to use me as an evangelist through- out Japan. I have had the privilege of visiting many Japanese churches with this message of power. I would never have been able to do this before I learned to fast and. pray. With all the other speaking engagements it is difficult for me to spend enough time with my church. However, realizing the necessity of maintaining this power, I am going to spend three weeks in fasting and prayer. Please pray for me during this time. 1 praise God for this dynamic power that has caused the rapid growth of our church. I am praying that many ot~er Ja.panese pastors will fast and pray until th~y. recel~e this dynamic power that will bring a Holy Spirit revival to the Japanese churches.

I appreciate so much your teaching me the Importance of fasting and prayer and the power it brings to my ministry. 1 am praying that the blessing of God will always be with you.

-Pastor, First Assembly of God
Osaka, Japan


After graduating from Bible school, for two years I attempted to build a congregation using human methods and my own ability. In spite of my diligent efforts there were barely 40 people attending our worship services. I was deeply troubled and discouraged.

In the midst of my discouragement, Pastor Choi strongly advised me to spend time seeking God in fasting and prayer. In January, 1974,1 went to the Full Gospel Prayer Mountain and spent 15 days in fasting and prayer for a genuine move of the Spirit in my church.

After spending this time in prayer, we began to see God pour out His Spirit in many wonderful ways. God gave my messages a fresh anointing and brought blessings to the believers and conviction to sinners. As I prayed for those who were sick in body, many were healed. God sent revival to our church beyond our expectation.

In the ten months following this time of fasting and prayer our church grew rapidly. About 120 to 140 people attend our Sunday worship services each week. Since our facilities will not accommodate this many people at one service we are having two worship services each week. We are now trusting God for larger facilities.

In these days the Lord is pouring out His Spirit and will mightily anoint those who will proclaim the full gospel. I firmly believe that the power and anointing which I received from the Lord came as a result of sacrificial fasting and prayer. I am ever grateful that the Lord used Pastor Choi to show me this truth. All praise, glory, and honor be to God.

-Pil Hae Lee, Pastor
Sheholm Full Gospel Church

When counseling church members we more and more frequently encounter problems with teenagers. Through the influence of ungodly advertising, tele- vision and radio programs, and movies shown in the theaters, an ever increasing number of teenagers are being led into the sinful life. Many high school students smoke and drink, not to mention the seemingly loose morals among them. Instead of studying, they wander aimlessly about doing nothing constructive. Often, apparently, without any purpose or goal. It is impossible to correct them by scolding or applying the rod. As parents observe the behavior of their children they are often heartbroken and they realize that only through prayer is there a solution to the problems facing their families.

The teenage problem is creating serious social diffi- culties in every country of the world. Children are gifts to our homes, given by God for a blessing. However, if we do not train and educate them properly they will take away many other blessings from our homes. The story of Eli's two prodigal sons serves very well as an illustration. Hophni and Phinehas, the two sons of Eli, were so wicked that they continually used their position to take good things from the people in order to make themselves rich. In fact, they would even steal the sacrifices that people offered to God on the altar. Because their hearts were continually evil, God became angry and spoke these words to Eli's home:

"Behold, the days come, that I will cut off thine arm and the arm of thy father's house, that there shall not be an old man in thine house. And thou shalt see an enemy in my habitation, in all the wealth which God shall give Israel: and there shall not be an old man in thine house forever. And the man of thine, whom I shall not cut off from mine altar, shall be to consume thine eyes, and to grieve thine heart; and all the increase of thine house shall die in the flower of their age" (I Samuel 2:31-33). . How terrible were the words of God to the household of Eli! When the news came that his two sons were killed on the battlefield, old Eli died as did his daughter-in-law. A good home was destroyed because of the sins of the children. This does not need to be the ending of Christian homes if parents will fast and pray in faith believing for their children. To provide nourishing food, adequate clothes, and a secular education for our children is very necessary and right before God. But, even more important is the need to lead them into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and His love. In the past I have seen many rebellious children, even hoodlums, come to the cleansing fountain of blood and receive Christ as a result of their parents seeking God earnestly in fasting and prayer.

We have a song an author has beautifully written:

I grieved my Lord from day to day,
I scorned His love so full and free,
And tho' I wandered far away,
My mother's prayers have followed me.
I'm coming home, I'm coming home,
To live my wasted life anew
For Mother's prayers have followed me,
Have followed me the whole world through.

There are countless parents who, through fasting, prayer, and weeping, have seen their prodigal children return to the Lord and to their family.

When parents live loose moral lives their children are raised in an unstable environment and easily fall into the miry depths of sin. There is only one sure way to stop the home from decaying until it is completely destroyed; that is through earnest fasting and prayer.

In Psalm 126:5, 6, we read:

"They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him."

Yes, those who go to the field weeping, carrying precious seed to sow, shall return with great rejoicing bearing their sheaves. Fasting and prayer is the most effective way to receive the power of the Holy Spirit. He IS the one who works in the hearts of our children and through our daily lives.


While I was working for a mass media firm, I became acquainted with a very beautiful young lady who worked in the entertainment world. It was my responsibility to produce a cover picture of her for a magazine. During this time we met very often and soon I was emotionally involved with her.

I wanted to marry her even though I was already mamed and had two children. Our wicked love progressed to the point that I was determined to get a divorce and suggested as much to my wife. She flatly refused, and since I couldn't find adequate grounds to divorce my wife, I began to devote less time and money to my family. In addition to this, I began to drink more than before and was even cruel to my family.

During the time that I was indulging in the depths of sin, my mother was earnestly fasting and prayi?g for me. One day when I was in the midst of despair, my mother asked me to go with her to a place outside of Seoul. My mother told me she had loaned some money to a man who lived in Gwangton, a small town near the Full Gospel Prayer Mountain, and he had not paid it back. My mother said that if I went with her it would be easier to collect the money. Feeling sorry for her, I willingly consented to go.

Upon our arrival in Gwangton, my mother guided me to what appeared to be a small farm house. I thought the man who owed her the money lived there but a small sign by the door read, "Full Gospel Prayer House." That night we stayed there.

Early the next morning the people there asked me to go with them to chapel services. I did not want to stay in the room alone so I followed them to the chapel. During the service I quietly sat observing everything that happened. Immediately after the service I suggested to my mother that we eat breakfast. She told me that they did not serve breakfast at the prayer mountain, as the people there were fasting. After returning to our room, having nothing else to do, I started walking down the path we had come up the night before. A short distance down the path there was a small country store. I went in and gorged myself on bread and refreshing beverages.

As I sat there smoking, waiting for a bus bound for Seoul, I was considering drinking some wine when suddenly the idea that I should take my mother away from that "den of crazy people" flashed across my mind. Quickly, I returned to the prayer mountain, but I could not locate my mother's room. While I was sitting on the grass, thinking about my girlfriend, my mother and her sister came. They were looking for me, as my aunt had prepared a delicious lunch for me. As I hungrily ate, they began to witness to me about Jesus. They were so convincing that I couldn't refuse their invitation to stay with them at least until after the evening service.

I began to follow their singing and found that I was interested in the songs after all. It could be that I had unconsciously learned some of these hymns from my mother as she was always singing them at home. My interest in singing and praying increased in the devotional service the following morning. Out of curiosity I even asked someone how to pray. He told me just to praise the Lord and thank Him as I would talk to my own parents and then confess my sins and repent before Him. I tried to pray as I was instructed but I always would think to myself, "What is my sin?" If I had committed a crime I could settle it through the law and the courts, but why couldn't any man have girlfrie.nds if he desired. I just could not pray. Dunng the prayer time, Pastor Choi came up to me, tapped me on the shoulder, and told me to repent and obey God. For six days I stayed at the prayer moun- tain, and after each service Pastor Choi would tap me on the shoulder and pray even though the rebellion was still in my heart. When she would lay her hands on my head and pray, I would stiffen my body and look straight ahead.

But one day when she did this, a great change came upon me; my hands went straight in the air and a sensation like a burning flame rose up within my body. There came forth, like a waterfall, an uncontrollable stream of repentance.

I began to confess all my sins from the breaking of my mother's heart and the abuse of my wife and chil- dren to the smallest sin that I could think of. For more than four hours I worshipped the Lord. During that time Christ forgave all my sins and filled me with the Holy Ghost and power with the evidence of speaking in tongues. For the first time in my life I was truly happy and felt fresh all over.

I returned to my room and out of habit tried to smoke, but there was a severe ache in my throat and such coughing that I could not. From that time I have been free from the chains of that habit. Christ also removed from my mind the thoughts and desires for that girlfriend and replaced them with a new and wonderful love for my wife and children. Hallelujah!

As I began to follow Christ I would fast and pray for three days at first; then for seven or ten days. Each time God would pour out His Spirit upon me. Now I am a new man and can enjoy my whole family again.

As a result of the faithful fasting and prayer of my mother, a wayward son became a new man by the power of God. Now I want to go forward in Christ and walk in the stabilizing power of the Holy Spirit. Hal- lelujah! I give all the Glory to God."
-Jea Chang Lee

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