Statistics showing Waste of Resources by Christians


38 countries are primarily unevangelized. (i.e. 1.6 Billion souls)

Assets of the Church:

US Christians control TRILLIONS in assets while at any given time 200,000,000 Brothers and Sisters starve.

78 countries each have Great Commission Christians whose personal incomes exceed US$1 billion a year.

Financial Fraud in the Church:

Annual church embezzlements by top custodians exceed the entire cost of all foreign missions worldwide.  Emboldened by lax procedures, trusted church treasurers are embezzling from the Church $5,500,000 PER DAY.   That's $16 Billion per YEAR!  
{For reference:  TOTAL Christian spending on foreign missions is only $15 Billion. God forgive us!}

Criminal penalties against clergy in sexual abuse cases now exceed $1 billion, causing a number of churches, dioceses and denominations to be forced into bankruptcy. 


Wasteful Spending by the Church:

95% of all church budgets in the US are spent on our own comforts and programs. Less than 1% is spent on evangelism to the most unreached. 


40% of the church’s entire global foreign mission resources are being deployed to just 10 oversaturated countries already possessing strong citizen-run home ministries.

More than 90% of all Christian materials are in English, but only 8% of the world speaks English.

All costs of ministry divided by number of baptisms per year. Cost per baptism in India – $9803 per person.  Cost per baptism in the United States – $1,550,000 per person.

Every year the churches hold a mega census costing $1.1 billion, sending out 10 million questionnaires in 3,000 languages, which covers 180 major religious subjects.

91% of all Christian outreach/evangelism does not target non-Christians but targets other Christians in already-evangelized countries or people-groups.

Each year,180 million Bibles and New Testaments are wasted – lost, destroyed, or disintegrated – due to incompetence, hostility, bad planning, or inadequate manufacture. 


Missions and the Church:

Some 250 of the 300 largest international Christian organizations regularly mislead the Christian public by publishing demonstrably incorrect or falsified progress statistics.

Christian triumphalism – not as pride in huge numbers, but as publicized self-congratulation – is rampant in most churches, 
agencies, and ministries.

It costs Christians 700 times more money to baptize converts in rich countries (eg. Switzerland) than in poor countries (e.g. Nepal).

Percent of Christian resources in countries that are already more than 60% Christian – 99.9%.  Percent spent in countries where 
less than half the people have EVER heard of Jesus – 0.01%.

It is estimated that Christians worldwide spend around $8 BILLION dollars PER YEAR going to the more than 500 conferences to 
TALK about missions. That's more than TWICE the total spent DOING missions.

Everywhere on Earth can now easily be targeted with at least 3 of the 45 varieties of effective evangelism.

818 unevangelized ethno-linguistic peoples have never been targeted by any Christian agencies ever. 

Out of 648 million Great Commission Christians, 70% have never been told about the world's 1.6 billion unevangelized individuals.

The 3 least cost-effective countries over 1 million in population for Christian outreach are: Japan, Switzerland, Denmark.

The 3 most cost-effective countries over 1 million in population for Christian outreach are: Mozambique, Ethiopia, Tanzania.

Denominations of the Church:

Currently there are over 33,000 Christian denominations in the United States.

A huge new Christian non-confessional mega bloc, the Independents or Post-denominationalists,is growing rapidly and numbers 19% of all Christians.  These 386 million Independents in 220 countries have no interest in and no use for historic denominationalist Christianity.

From less than one million in AD 1900, Pentecostals/ Charismatics/Neocharismatics have mushroomed to 524 million affiliated (-with unaffiliated believers, 602 million).

Source: Doug Perry.

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