On Speculating on End-time Events

Back in 1986 I developed some interest in end-time events. What I have noticed over the years is that we can always construct an interesting theory that suggests that Jesus is coming back next year, or Real Soon Now. Six day theories, pre-trib rapture theories are modified from year to year by self-appointed “prophets” and others who find the whole thing so fascinating.

I have read _highly plausible_ and interesting theories interpreting Daniel, Revelation and other Scriptures – the only trouble is they contradict each other in many points.

I for one am honest enough to admit that I don’t know the correct interpretation of all this stuff. But people who claim divine inspiration for their theories are tapping into the power of a religious spirit, a demon, which comes to confuse and divide the church. Look at the Jehovah’s Witnesses, or the S.D.A’s. These movements predicted the date for Christ’s return and the end of the world. When nothing happened they said it happened anyway, but invisibly. You can always construct a theory to back up your false prophecies. Or you can keep moving the dates and do a work of destruction that way.

What we need to realise is that we should be praying, evangelising, preaching, sacrificing to get the gospel out to the hundreds of thousands of communities where they’ve never heard of Jesus, let alone of his second coming. You can be saved, healed, freed and live a purposeful life without knowing anything about the return of Christ. All you need to know to be saved is that the Son of God paid for your sins on the cross, rose again as Lord and you MUST give yourself to Him to be part of His Kingdom.

I’ve seen people totally backslide when their own theories about the return of Christ didn’t come to pass. Its not hard to imagine this multiplied greatly IF we end up going through something we expected to escape.

No one will be saved by knowing who the man of sin is, when he is coming etc. Jesus did what He saw the Father doing. A lot of Christians are trying to curse what they think the devil is doing. But its such fascinating stuff, isn’t it?

You can waste your life speculating about this stuff. You can sell a lot of books and videos teaching this stuff, but that doesn’t make it right or even Biblical.

Can’t we apply the gospel to our lives without constantly trying to attribute God’s inspiration to our own theories? And if they are not inspired by the Spirit, then why don’t we get into something closer to the heart of God, like evangelism and practically helping our brothers in suffering with a heart of God’s mercy.

These theories CAN paralyze us from building anything for God. We’re better off without them. You have to live ready, full of the Holy Spirit, and make the main thing the main thing. Knowledge of theories doesn’t impress Jesus Christ one bit.

Michael Fackerell

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