I recently wrote this on facebook and am posting it here for others to read also.
Jehovah's Witnesses will confuse you if you listen to them, because they are diligently teaching ERROR. They have a lot of zeal in what they do, and they try to be good people, but here are some of their worse errors:
1. They claim they are the only Christian organisation God approves of on the earth. But in fact, they teach salvation not by the blood of Christ, but by obedience to their organisation and its leaders. So they are not even true Christians.
2. They believe that Jesus is the Archangel Michael, and a created being. They deny the divinity of Jesus Christ.
3. They think the Holy Spirit is not a person, but "God's active power in the earth". They don't understand that you cannot LIE to a "power" – see Acts 5:3.
4. Their organisation has made numerous false prophecies, including that the world would end in 1975 and in 1914 also.
5. They do not believe in hell, even though Jesus talks about it as a place to avoid at all costs, where the fire doesn't go out and the worm doesn't die.