Social Security – the Bible Way

Are you happy with your country’s Social Security system?

Moses gave Israel a blueprint for Social Security, found in the Bible.

Certainly, we are no longer under Moses’ Law – since Christ came and gave us a New Commandment, which is the commandment of Love.

But since “love is the fulfilling of the Law”, it means that we who are under the New Covenant will still apply the same principles that are intrinsic within Moses’s Law.

Each point of Moses’ Law tells us something about love. Often it won’t be relevant for us (who are under the New Testament) to show our love in exactly the same outward manner that was prescribed for Israel by Moses. However, we will still walk in the same love-principles contained in each point of Moses’ Law – only in a manner that has respect to the finished work of Christ on Calvary. The principles will still be the same – and the principle is love.

We believers, like early Israel, are not merely spiritual beings – we still have domestic and commercial lives to live. Therefore Christ’s Law of love, like Moses’ Law, can have something to say not only about our spirituality but also about every area of our lives, including: our national Social Security system; Justice systems; Economic system; and our morals and values and spirituality; to name a few. Therefore there may still be some value in looking back at Moses’ Law to see how he illustrated the love-walk for us in all areas of national life.

Once we’ve made our observations, we can then compare and assess how adequately our present national system expresses the principles of love, justice and mercy – Christ’s royal law of Love. We may find that some of our systems still have room for Reform.

Shortly I may come back and edit this post, adding some points that I’ve observed in Moses’ Social Security blueprint. In the meantime, give it some thought of your own – and consider whether your own country’s Social Security system – and your own personal behavior in all your social interaction – adequately reflects Christ’s love, justice and mercy, to His glory.

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