Saved from Burning House

I am saved and Jesus Christ,my Lord and Saviour.I am a high school teacher in Kenya,East Africa.It was last year July 7th at around 1am when I was woken up by noise outside our house. People were shouting
“open up…come out!”.

This was repeated a few times before we understood
those were robbers demanding money. We hesitated but my wife,son and maid left the house to give them money. By this time they had broken window glasses and set the hose on fire.I was meanwhile fighting the fire alone inside the house.It overwhelmed me as it raged so fiercely.

I couldn’t find my way out.I became desperate yet couldn’t do anything. I just waited for the inevitable…DEATH! Something happened which would lead to my accepting Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour.I found myself in a small room that had our toilet.It was the only room not on fire and on windward side exposed to fresh air. The window had very thick mesh wire. I tried knocking it to escape through the window,I couldn’t.I tried going back but the fire was too fierce and the smoke too toxic!In fact I almost collapsed when I inhaled it. My body went limp. No energy at all.

I was helped up miracurously and grasped the wire mesh.I managed to expose myself to the fresh air and regained energy. By this time my wife was out shouting for help. Some young men arrived and managed to make a hole through the wire mesh and pull me out.

Upon getting out I noticed my son was not there. He had actually got into the house to rescue me. I tried
calling his name but all in vain. We later discovered his body in my bedroom. He’d suffocated there. Police said we take him to hospital but
from my biological knowledge I knew he was no more. I declined to accompany him to hospital.

I went back to the house to try salvage what had survived. Virtually everything was reduced to ash! As I was in the room I was aware that I could be poisoned by carbon monoxide. It did happen. My
heart started beating too fast. I started losing energy and consciousness. Two Catholic priests who’d come by then gave me milk as I was almost dying. This helped to revive me. I was later taken to hospital.

All the blood vessels had collapsed. I started losing
consciousness again. On the verge of Death they managed to get drip into my blood. Once more God rescued me. By this time I got infilling of Holy
Spirit such that I had no fear or worry at all. I didn’t know then what was happening to me spiritually but was sure I felt very different!

A reverend came to preach to me twice.I promised him I would go to his church to accept the Lord there. I sure did on August 7th. As I was going I felt very light and like I belonged elsewhere…HEAVEN!

A saved brother in law had been told by God that He is the one who’d taken my son .. the only
son I had and that He would save two members of the family within a shorttime. Sure He did. One of my daughters got saved thereafter. From a Roman
Catholic background, it wasn’t easy but all things are possible with God.May the LORD strengthen everyone reading this. Praise Jesus Christ
always. AMEN.

Bro Syprian

syppymuoki [email protected]

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