Satan’s plans to Rule through Money Creation

"The love of the money is the root of all kinds of evil," said the apostle Paul in 1 Timothy 6:10. Is it any surprise then that the control of money is a key element in the strategies of Satan in his goal to gain the worship of the people of the world, directly or indirectly?

The Bible says that "the whole world lies in the evil one" (1 John 5:19). Satan has a vast influence on world affairs, and a big part of the way he has gained this influence is through "the  love of the world", and the "things of the world". The things of the world can be purchased with money. Therefore, most people will easily sell their souls for money, and the things money can buy.

Satan is in the business of deception with a view to destroying people. Jesus is in the business of truth with a view to rescuing people. People listen to what grabs their attention, and at least 80% of getting people's attention is making something visible to them. So if Jesus can find people who will boldly and consistently put the truth in front of people, something good is going to happen. At the same time, Satan has worked through the majority to make sure that most of the messages you receive will contain an element of deception.

How does this happen in practice?

The control of what messages go out through society is mostly in the hands of three basic institutions.

1. The Government

2. The Media

3. The Education System

Behind these three there is yet another Power that controls things – Big Business and Especially BANKING.

In some countries, the Government rigorously controls The Media and the Education System, so that only government approved messages get through. In this way, the government has huge sway on the minds of the people.

In other countries, the Media is controlled by Big Business. Whoever has the MONEY to buy the media can in many cases, with government approval, get control of the Media – and thus have access to the minds of the people.

The Education System also is to a lesser but to a very real extent also controlled by the Government and by Money. If you want your children to receive a private education, it is going to cost you. If not, your children will be SHAPED by the government sponsored educators who in my country at least will mostly be secular humanists.

How has Satan worked?

Satan has worked to get control of the Government, the Media and the Education System by means of FIAT MONEY. Why are the pieces of paper you go to the shop with recognised as MONEY? Why will people exchange things for it? It is because your Government has DECLARED that piece of paper that someone printed, or that COMPUTER ENTRY that some bank created, TO BE MONEY.

As God said in the beginning "Let there be light", so certain people in our world say "Let there be money". And it is so.

We hear often about the massive debts that the governments of the world have. One might ask, TO WHOM is all this money actually owed? And how did it get CREATED in the first place?

Of course there are private citizens and corporations that are holding Government Debt, and Bonds. But much of the money is actually owed to CENTRAL BANKS which are not the same thing as the government. They are in many cases PRIVATELY RUN CARTELS which are owned and controlled by a few rich families. The US FEDERAL RESERVE for example, is registered as a private corporation. It had a special law passed for its own benefit in 1913 in the United States. This law was passed while almost no one was looking. It was a complete sell-out of the United States of America. What it did was give a private cartel a monopoly on the creation of money. Whenever the government of the United States needs to borrow money to get people to do its bidding, it goes to the Federal Reserve to get a loan. The Federal Reseve just "creates" the money and then the US Govt has to pay interest on it.

No one audits the Federal Reserve. They just do as they please and don't give account for it. In the last financial crisis, they bailed out the big banks by giving them 0% loans for as much money as they needed. They then allowed these banks to redeposit this money that was lent to them in exchange for interest. This amounts to giving money away, and manipulating the balance sheets of the banks however it was desired.

Banks get this money for free, the rest of us have to give a big part of our lives to receive money.

The history of money is very interesting. It used to be that Gold and Silver were money in the civilised world. Then some people like the Rothshilds worked out that you could make a lot of money by issuing PAPER promises to pay gold. In fact you could issue more of those promises than you had gold to pay, and charge interest on them. You could lend these things to governments, who could always pay you back by taxing the people. And so, the modern system of dishonest money was born. But that's another story.

Local banks also create money but not in the same way. We buy houses and borrow money to buy them. We borrow the money as computer entries which are then "deposited" in the seller's bank account. The seller's bank can then relend 80% or whatever percentage the Govt says of this money or whatever to create another loan, so the same money gets loaned many times again and again, making the banks very rich with the interest they receive on stuff that was mostly created out of nothing.

If the governments or the bankers of the world wanted to reduce the majority of the world's population to bankruptcy and serfdom, all they have to do is declare the interest rates to rise to a level where people can't afford to pay, and are forced to sell off their assets to corporations and people who are closer to the top of the money tree. In this way, and in others also, it is possible to confiscate what people or even National Governments own. Take a look at Greece for a current example of this principle.

If I am an elite banker, who can create all the money I want by an act of will, it isn't hard to make sure that I can get ownership of the mass media through my appointed agents. The mass media can then be used to keep people focused on dubious issues like the "Gay agenda" or the "Green agenda", or distracted with vacuous things such as the size of Britney Spears' belly or other such nonsense, while the agenda of the elite people controlled by Satan moves forward. This is what has in fact been happening.

We are fed LIES on a vast range of social and spiritual issues, by people who are led around the nose essentially by the lure of money and the goodwill of the people in the circles in which they move.

This is how Satan is operating.

As we move towards the end of this age, we know that Satan is going to have his man, the Antichrist, who will force everyone to take some kind of mark, without which they will be permitted to neither buy nor sell. In other words, Satan will control the commerce, the means of trade, and only those bowing to him or his man will get access to things, apart from the direct and supernatural action of God.

How to Counter This

We will not be able to stop this by political activism or by trying to get rich ourselves.

We have the Holy Ghost and the Word of God. A little bit of God's light shining will always dispel darkness. But we have to shine it. We can do this in many ways but my favorite ways are by means of the internet and by cable television.

While we STILL have relatively free and unencumbered access to post and communicate on the INTERNET, we must do so. The day will no doubt come when the internet will be so heavily regulated that you won't be able to speak your mind on certain issues without having your assets seized and being thrown into prison or a re-education camp.

For now, though, we still have freedom.

We need to use it to put truth out and to connect with people.

We need to devote ourselves to prayer, because prayer can defeat the strategies of the devil.

If we can pay down our debt, its a good idea. If we can invest money in the dissemination of truth, thats an even better idea. I hope some people will consider helping this mission also, because I am doing what I can on a part time basis to help people come to the knowledge of the truth.

God wants as many people as possible to be saved, but in a large measure this actually depends on us and our obedience to God. I know a lot of people can't bear this idea, and have constructed deterministic theologies (*) to try to counter this idea, but the fact is, we are responsible, we'll have to give and account, and we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE. God has not preprogrammed ALL THINGS to be exactly the way they turn out. There are alternatives. If you go off and sin, don't think it happened because God made you do it, directly, or indirectly.

Neither did it happen because the devil made you do it. If you are in bondage to sin today, it is because of freely made choices you made IN THE PAST. The Good News is that you CAN call upon Jesus and he will set you free. But then you'll still have to make the right choices in the future with the help of the Holy Spirit, or you will be back in bondage and condemnation AGAIN.

This article was written with the hope that you will consider what is going on in your world, and ask God how you can number one get your mind free of Satanic influence, and secondly, help other's get their minds free of Satanic influence, so they can be free to know, enjoy and glorify God.



(*) By determinism I mean the idea that everything happens because it has to happen, it was pre-programmed that way – either by God, by the laws of physics or a mixture of the two. Calvinism is one such deterministic system of thought, in which we supposedly magnify the glory of God by insisting that for some reason, beyond our mortal understading, God is actually "in control" making sure that children are being prostituted and abused, that people are dying of cancer, and that the whole world is lying in the power of the evil one and the majority of people are going to burn in hell forever. Needless to say, I reject Calvinism, and I have scriptural reasons for doing so which you may find on other pages in this site.





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