Someone posted this online in regards to the doctrine of hell.
Christians tell us their god gave us free will, to accept or reject him. But then they say we will burn in hell for eternity if we reject him.

That’s not exactly ‘free will’. If someone robs you – “your money or your life” – and you give them money, it’s not really robbery because you gave the money of your own free will, right?

“Obey me, or burn in hell. But hey, it’s your choice.”

5 minutes ago
My reply: 
God hides just enough so that only those who want to know the truth will find Him. Those who are self-seeking and suppress the truth are open to deception on the most important issues.

Most people still make the choice for rebellion and unthankfulness to God. They don’t really believe with all their heart they are going to hell. No one can live with full awareness of that knowledge and just go on as they are.

The choice is real because God doesn’t ram the knowledge of His glory down the throats of people who hate Him. For example, He doesn’t write the gospel in the sky.