Regular Thanksgiving Exercises – A Pathway to the Happiness God Commands


Do you really want to be happy as a Christian? Do you want to know and Do the Will of God for your life? I hope you can say "Yes" to both of these questions.
Listen to this. God has made it simple. Its so simple. This is the happiness "pill" but you have to "take it" or it won't work for you. You and I, no matter what we are facing – whether our circumstances or endowments are great or small, we need to do this.
1 Thessalonians 5:16 (NKJV)
16 Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 
Rejoicing is something you do. It is not something you feel. We become joyful people by choosing to rejoice. But more specifically, how do we get ourselves in this frame of mind?
Answer: repeated, consistent, acts of thanksgiving each and every day.
I am grateful for the ministry of Dr Glenn Nowell who has put this out on his website . I recommend you visit his website to get a fuller picture of what He is teaching and the background of it. But here is a summary of what he suggests to actually DO:
Thanksgiving Exercises (T.E.s)- A Sure Fire Pathway to Happiness!
Five times a day (minimum):
Identify at least 3 specific people or things for which you can be thankful
Say "Thank You, Father for A, B and C." – A,B and C being the things you are thankful for.
You have to do it in a preprogrammed way.
NOT when you feel like it only – or it won't work. Don't take a shortcut, don't change the formula.
Proper Preparation
Rule 1: Before you begin, have writing materials to record your gratitude.
Buy a booklet or bound journal to keep your gratitude list in.
It needs to be something permament.
Make list in ink – no editing
You will be able to look back in a year's time and see what you were thankful for. 
Only keep the records for the first 7 days. Its about establishing a habit of being precise.
Put A,B and C on PAPER.
Learn to be specific.
In confession of sin, we must specify the sins and turn away from them. Its not enough to say, "Lord, forgive me for being a sinner".
Genuine gratitude MUST be SPECIFIC. Be precise when giving thanks.
Rule 2: 
Identify and commit yourself to responding with the TE to specific triggers that naturally occur throughout the day.
Your first TE will take place for example, before you have your first cup of coffee.
Five DISTINCT REMINDERS. Here are some suggested ones.
Reminder #1 might be when you first wake up, before you have your first cup of coffee.
Reminder #2 might be mid morning break
You make quick little list in your journal and thank God for A,B and C.
Reminder #3 – just before meals. Not only thanking God for food. Do the TE separately.
Reminder #4 – Just before evening meal or after the meal.
Reminder #5 – Bedtime. Just before you go to bed.
Make the proper preparation today and you will be ready to start the TE tomorrow.
According to Dr Nowell, practicing this method has transformed and empowered all kinds of people from mental patients to over-stressed Christians to be happy and joyful as God wants them to be.
I will try this method formally myself. Years ago the Lord was directing my attention to this as a way of being happy and rejoicing, but because I never heard anyone else teach it, I failed to CONSISTENTLY follow through.
So I thank God for Dr Nowell and his website.
Why don't you try it also and see how it goes for you?

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