Recovery from serious motorbike accident

Before my accident I was working as a technician for Telecom. I was renting a flat in the suburb of Melbourne and my only means of transport was a 1980 Harley Davidson Lowrider.

I was returning home from looking at land in Kinglake with my girlfriend when our accident happened. We were travelling on Plenty road when we were hit by a Cortina, which failed to stop at an intersection. My girlfriend died instantly. A local doctor revived me at the scene and cared for me until the first ambulance arrived. I was taken straight to Intensive Care at the Austin

That night my heart that was so bruised and tired started to arrest. At this time the doctors came out and asked my family if they would like to have a priest nearby. My father declined, by this time my entire immediate family was collected outside intensive care. My sister & brother-in-law led my family in prayer for me. I understand everyone prayed for me even though my sister and her husband were the only Christians, at that time. My father signed for the doctors to use a heart drug that was still being tested. They said it’s a 50/50 chance if it would help – it did and I made it through the first night.

– I was in a coma and was respirator dependent.

I had a front left hemisphere brain haemorrhage, my rib put through my left lung, had aspirated my stomach contents into my right lung, broken clavicle, crushed elbow, split liver, ruptured spleen, crushed right ankle and assorted injuries.

On the second day in the operating theatre, the anaethetist when moving my head heard a “click”. He said “hold everything”. More x-rays were quickly taken and they then discovered I also had a C1 (hangman’s) spinal fracture.

I remained in a coma for approximately two months. After the first two weeks of no change they moved me from I.C.U. into a room on my own in the neurosurgery ward. After 7 weeks I began to wake. I was being fed through a tube in my stomach, was
breathing through a tube in my neck; I was on a drip and my urine was collecting in a bag on the side of the bed. My short term memory was a real problem. I couldn’t talk because my voice box was paralysed and I had difficulty seeing things because my eyes were knocked crooked so I saw everything as double, which added to my confusion. I had what resembled a large metal clamp with 2 screws screwed into my skull that led to a pulley with weights – to keep my spine in traction. I could open my mouth & blink but that’s about it. Fortunately the only pain I could feel at that time was in my skull – which was all I could feel.

It was explained to me about how unique it was that I was still alive, due to my spinal fracture. (I was the 13th in the world in medical history – to have lived)

At first I was led to believe my girlfriend was ok and wasn’t involved in the accident – but eventually it was explained to me that in fact my girlfriend was dead, but I should be really thrilled, because I wasn’t (dead).

That was something I had difficulty understanding.

All I could feel was pain. I couldn’t move. my bike was wrecked. My girlfriend was killed. I was given no prospect of recovery, yet I should really be “thrilled to be alive”!

I am now.. but then, no way!

My life was completely destroyed.

From the time when I was in I.C.U. with my heart failing, Jesus was there; and he gave me a chance. My life should have ended for any one of my injuries but it didn’t. I spent 3 years of non stop work during my rehabilitation.

Jesus sent several people to me to assist me in my recovery. I don’t know where to begin to explain the wonders and depth of God’s love and the grace which he freely gave, and continues to give me.

And I wasn’t even a Christian – yet!

-> One of my first nurses at Austin, was Kaye Daley. She was a student nurse and despite the news of my supposed infertility, was to become wife and mother to my three lovely children – Prue, Molly and Joshua.

-> As I was lying in the neurosurgery ward, one day a young Physio came upstairs looking for me. Her name was Marcella. She had heard of my condition and that one of my injuries was a spinal break, so she used her initiative to find me. After feeling my left forearm, she was the first person who seriously considered that recovery for me was possible. She had just transferred to the hospital and I became her first full time patient. Soon after I discharged myself from Austin, she transferred back home to

During the second year of my recovery I made friends with a bloke from the MRA (motorcycle riders ass’n) named Ben. Both he and his wife Vera also became friends with Kaye. Starting with Vera they each became Christians and began attending St Hilary’s Church in Kew.

One day they conned me into accompanying them to a weekend church camp at Howqua. It was at a bush resort type place where everyone had their own room or unit but we all ate together in the same dining room. We stayed in a caravan in the carpark. At different times they had people speaking and doing workshops ‘n stuff but mostly the band was playing and everyone was just praising the Lord. I didn’t really get into that stuff so I went to the pub. The township of Mansfield wasn’t far away so Ben, Vera & Kaye came too. Because they came with me, we couldn’t be away for too long so I was throwing back the bourbon’s as fast as I could. We parked outside the first hotel we saw. When it was time to go Kaye went to get the car and we started walking to meet her.

After walking a bit I needed to relieve myself. We were outside another hotel at the time and I could see Kaye in the car, so I asked everyone to wait for a sec. & I went in to go to the Men’s. I came straight out and looked at where I last saw the car, but it wasn’t there. I looked around but I couldn’t see it anywhere. There was a median strip providing parking for the shops, either side of the highway. I walked across to the median strip to get a better view of the area – but no Kaye – no car or friends. Suddenly this intense feeling of abandonment & loneliness hit me; just like my 1st year in hospital. I couldn’t believe it. I figured they all got miffed at me and decided to go back to the camp and let me find my own way.

I couldn’t see them anywhere so I decided to hitch hike home. Then I thought no way!, they’re in my car. I’ll hitch hike to the camp, drive my car home and leave them stranded. So I started walking. I had only passed a few parked cars when Kaye called out to me. – I had just walked past my own car ! They thought I had gone in for another drink and so had parked nearby. I was livid – but I later calmed down.

The next day we attended a talk given by bloke named Rupert Charkam. He is a Jew who is now a strong Christian. I wasn’t really listening to him but at the end there were people going forward and being prayed for ‘n stuff. I saw Kaye go up to talk to

The next thing I knew I was standing, I felt like I wanted to cry. It felt.. weird. I went forward to talk to Rob Carter. (he was assistant minister at St Hilary’s) and all these people came out of nowhere – praying for me. Rob gave me a choice and I accepted Jesus as my Saviour. Kaye had asked Rupert to pray for me.

Jesus softened my heart and continues to bless me and my family. I have continued to improve both physically & mentally – only more slowly. I feel just so grateful. At last I had found what was missing in my life. God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

I found smoking dope works like an analgesic to the brain, it clouds over problems – sure. But it also shuts out God!

Rob Carter asked me, “Do you reject God?”. I said, “Oh no, I wouldn’t do that”. That’s when it dawned on me, and the question was raised in my mind: why then if I could acknowledge him – why then don’t I grab hold of him with both hands ?

Imagine that – grabbing hold of God. Having your own 1 to 1 personal relationship with him. That thought alone blows me away. That is more than possible. Its what God wants – but he wants you to decide.. I just had.

I feel motivated to praise the lord at every opportunity and I feel peace and satisfaction from his presence in my life. I also feel a great or urgent need to try to explain to others who don’t know Jesus, that he is real – he is God and he is here with us today and only wants us to receive his love and healing.

Through prayer, fellowship with other Christians, reading the bible and whole heartedly praising the Lord I have learnt to communicate with and receive love and guidance from Jesus. You too can receive his love, healing and Salvation. He will never
ever let you down or leave you alone. He is Love.

God paid for our salvation through Jesus Christ who was killed on the cross and who rose again.

He is the Lamb of God, who is described in Rev 13: verse 8 “all inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast- all whose names have not been written in the Lamb’s book of life”.

You are already accepted and loved by Jesus. All you have to do to receive his love is to ask. Ask for forgiveness and accept him as your own personal Saviour. Jesus will not only forgive you, He will give you eternal life. The old you will die but you
will live on because you have been forgiven and born again of spirit. Your name will be entered in the Lambs book of life.

Dave Simpson

I invite you to build a faith community together with me. Join my social media channels and let’s connect, especially if you want freedom or fullness in Christ.

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