Quranic Contradictions

I really don’t suppose that this will convince any muslim that the Quran is flawed, but one never knows. I believe that man’s intellect is fallen, and has the capacity for infinite rationalisation and self-deception. Religion blinds the best of us. It can stare you in the face but if you believe something enough, the facts won’t make a dent in it.

There are a number of apparent contradictions in the Quran. Whether they can be resolved is a matter for clever philosophers, the kind who can use a globe to prove that the earth is flat. Here is just one:

Did any of Noah’s sons drown in the flood?

In Sura 11:41-43 it is written, “And as the Ark moved on with them amidst the mountainous waves, Nuh cried out to his son, who was apart: ‘Embark with us, my child,’ he said. ‘Do not stay with the unbelievers!’

He said: ‘I shall seek refuge in a mountain, which will protect me from the flood.’

He said, ‘None shall be secure this day from Allah’s judgment, except those to whom He will show mercy!’ And thereupon the billows rolled between them, and he was drowned.

Here it is plain enough that one of Noah’s sons drowned in the flood, according to the Qu’ran.

But in Sura 21:76 it is written: “And (remember Nuh). When he invoked Us, We heard his prayer, and We saved him and all his kinsfolk from the great calamity, and delivered him from the people who had denied Our revelations. Evil men they were; We drowned them all.”

Thus in Sura 11 it is affirmed that one of Noah’s sons drowned while in Sura 21 it is affirmed that they were all saved.


Muslim scholars teach that certain parts of the Qu’ran ABROGATE or annul other parts. How are we to know which parts of the Qu’ran are valid for the people? The reason muslims must talk about this abrogation is because the commands and statements contradict each other.

The Biggest Issue

The Quran teaches the People of the Book to go to their book (the Tawrat and Injil) – Read Sura 5:45-47 – “let the people of the book judge by what God has revealed in it”. Why would Allah call people to go to a book which is corrupted and flawed?

According to the Quran all Christians should judge things by the Bible.

There is so much right throughout the Bible teaching that the Savior to come was to be a suffering servant, and a sacrifice for sin. See Isaiah 53 for example. Isaiah 9:6 teaches that the Son that was given had the name “mighty God”. This is in complete harmony with the teachings of the New Testament, where over and over again the eternal divine nature of Jesus Christ is either stated or implied.

Yes, Jesus is a prophet, but as a prophet, He says he is more than a prophet – he is the only SAVIOUR and LORD. Muslims, if you reject the words of Jesus and refuse to accept the light of the Bible in your heart, you will be responsible. There is no other sacrifice that will pay for your sins. You can never be sure that the Quran is true, or that you have been good enough for God. For your own eternal well being, take a few hours to read the Gospels for yourself. Ignorance will be no excuse for you on the Day of Judgment.

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