Proverbs 10 Confessions

I do not value ill-gotten treasures. Pr 10.2

I will not be lazy and become poor. My diligent hands will bring wealth. Pr 10.4

I work when it is time to work. I don’t sleep at those times. Pr 10.5

I quietly accept commands from those in authority rather than chattering like a fool.
Pr 10.8

I walk with integrity – this makes me secure. I reject crooked paths. I know that those who take them will be exposed. Pr 10.9

I will remember that a chattering fool comes to ruin. Pr 10.10

I choose to love and forgive rather than to hate and quarrel. Pr 10.12

I am discerning about what I talk about, what I think about and the things I get involved in. Pr 10.13

I collect knowledge. I store it up. I avoid talking about things I don’t know or understand. Pr 10.14

I choose riches rather than poverty. Pr 10.15

I thank God for my wages – which lead to life. I know that the income of the wicked brings them punishment. Pr 10.16

I heed discipline. In this way I show the way to life. I don’t ignore correction. By doing this I would lead others astray. Pr 10.17

I will not hate my enemies. I will not lie about anyone. I know that he who spreads slander is a fool. Pr 10.18

I don’t talk a lot – its impossible to talk a lot without sinning. Instead, I hold my tongue even when I’d like to talk from myself. Pr 10.19

I value righteous speech, not foolish words from foolish hearts. Pr 10.20

I will judge things. Pr 10.21

I receive the blessing of the Lord which brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it.
Pr 10.22

I don’t find pleasure in evil conduct. I delight in wisdom. Pr 10.23

I renounce wickedness which leads to a fear of disaster that overtakes the wicked. Instead, I intensely desire good things, knowing that these desires will be granted.
Pr 10.24

I know that I will stand firm, because I am righteous and in Christ. Pr 10.25

I don’t send lazy people to do anything. Pr 10.26

I fear the Lord. I have a filial fear of offending Him. I hate evil and depart from iniquity. I know the terror of the Lord, and his judgments against sin. Pr 10.27

Something good is going to happen to me. I just know it and I feel good about it. I’m rejoicing! The wicked though, aren’t going to live as long as they think. Pr 10.28

I am safe when I walk in the ways of the Lord. Pr 10.29

I will never be uprooted, but the wicked will not remain in the land. Pr 10.30

I am to bring forth wisdom from my mouth. I am not to speak perversely, for example, complaining or making stupid jokes or gossiping. Pr 10.31

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