Proposed Outline for Discipleship Course

This morning I wrote this outline for a basic discipleship course. It may still have some major holes in it – even in the outline, but it may be better and more practical than many others. There is so much to learn for a new Christian. Where to start? Please comment using Facebook comments below.


by Michael Fackerell

Lifestyle & Devotional Track

1. Thankfulness to God, How to Start Praying and Living with Humility and Trust in God

2. Engaging with the Word of God – Study, Meditation, Confessing the Word, Praying the Word

3. Prayer, Praise and Worship

4. Spiritual Hunger and Learning to be Filled with the Holy Spirit

5. Learning how to Get Wisdom and Apply Wisdom from God

6. Hearing from God (Hearing His Voice) and Obeying God

7. Overcoming sin and distractions. Deliverance from Demons.

Theology Track

1. Understanding what our problem was or is, and the Danger we face

2. The Basics of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God

– the Kingship of Jesus & His resurrection.

– the cross of Christ – and what it achieved.

– what is included in salvation – forgiveness, deliverance from demons, healing, identity

– the promises of God

– the big picture

3. How to Know you are on the Path of Life

4. Teaching on Faith

5. Teaching on Christian Character

6. Teaching on doctrine of God, Sin, Salvation, Repentance, Church, Sanctification, Deliverance

7. What different churches and religions teach and how to answer them

8. Understanding Apologetics, Reasons to Believe and how to Deal with Skeptics

Service & Action Track


  • Give yourself to God and repent of your sins
  • Get Baptised in Water and the Holy Spirit
  • Write down your testimony

Doing the Word

  • Join a Bible study and a Christian fellowship or church
  • Tell someone your testimony of salvation
  • Publish your testimony in a public forum
  • Learn to live in harmony and humility – especially at home
  • Learn to show practical love to a Christian in need
  • Serve a local church. Invest time and money in the Christian community.
  • Go with a discipler who shares his or her faith with others to watch how it is done
  • Learn to explain the gospel to someone simply.
  • Learn to minister the power of the Holy Spirit in healing and in Casting out Demons
  • Learn to receive and operate the gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Giving financially to God and investing in God’s Kingdom, and believing to Receive Back
  • Learning to Lead Others – Leadership Skills and Lessons
  • Becoming a Discipler of Others

Life Skills Track

  • Learn habits of self-discipline
  • Learn to Manage your Mind and Emotions
  • Learn to Manage Your Time
  • Overcoming Setbacks, Failure, Disappointments
  • Learn a livelihood skill
  • (Here we can only teach what we know. I can teach sales, real estate, internet marketing, video, programming & web construction basics, songwriting, basic guitar skills)
  • Learn to communicate
  • Learn to sell
  • Learn to deal with people effectively
  • Learn to Manage Money
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